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The biggest evils of Capitalism.

Deforestation - Peter Blanchard flickr

While having breakfast this morning I was watching a segment on DW Global 3000 on how people in Asia and the Pacific are having a hard time with illegal logging and deforestation. As well has habitats for wild animals.  Like the Bengal tiger.

There was a segment a while ago I watched on Neil deGrasse Tyson NOVA Science NOW about making artificial diamonds. That they can make them as good as or even better than the ones dug out of the ground.

We are all aware of how OPEC controls the price of oil by manipulating the supply.  And there was a segment on RT on genetic seeds, so called Terminator Seeds.  That are good for one harvest only so that farmers are forced to buy more seeds for the next harvest.

How products are kept off the market on purpose because they would upset the economic apple cart as it were.

Here is the biggest evil of capitalism in my opinion.  It encourages and rewards the raping of the planet, decimation of life and holding hostage of ideas for personal gain.

The scarcer the resource – the more likely it is to be pillaged with complete disregard for the consequences.   The more likelihood an idea is to effect a some person/group from making money, the greater the chances are of it being summarily buried.

Capitalism is the antithesis of real growth and survival. Preying on peoples greed and self interest to the detriment of all else.   It has to be completely destroyed if we are to survive.

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