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In Memorium: To My Dad, and All The Dads Who Have Passed On, But Live Forever In Our Hearts

This link below  is to  a video of  a beautiful motet, Pie Jesu, performed by Brazillian soprano, Carla Maffioletti, and (then 5-year-old) German violinist,  Akim Camara.  The performance was at The Radio City Music Hall, accompanied by the Johann Strauss Orchestra, conducted by Dutch maestro Andre Rieu.

This requiem mass has particular meaning to me, because it is one of several piano duets that my father and I  played,  for just the pure enjoyment of it.

So, for you, Daddy, and in memory of all the other Dads.

(And please, if anyone in this community with more computer sophistication than I, would like to insert this as a video, rather than as a link, please do so.)

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