Michigan Lawmakers Don’t Like Being Told They Can’t Rape

In a very important announcement made because people have come to believe that Michigan lawmakers get all squicked out when ladies start throwing their vaginas all over the damn place, Republican spokesdouche Ari Adler cleared the air like so much Summer’s Eve:

Michigan House Republicans didn’t bar Rep. Lisa Brown (D) from speaking this week because she used the word “vagina” in a floor speech. They blocked her because they thought she made a rape reference, said Ari Adler, press secretary for Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger (R).

“It has nothing to do with her using the word ‘vagina,’” Adler told TPM Friday. “The Speaker Protempore at the time was John Walsh. It was judgment at the time that when she finished her statement by referencing her vagina, and then saying ‘no means no,’ that was drawing in a rape reference, and he felt that crossed the line.”

What kind of vagina would tell men that they can’t rape? This is the kind of Big Government If-You-Won’t-Have-Sex-With Me-You’re-Probably-A-Lesbian Nanny State that you can expect out of the lieberal pussified Demoncrats.

This is America, lady. You know … FREEDOM

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