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Does it matter who wins in November? Not one bit.

Whoever wins in November, the alarming degradation of the environment will sharply worsen. the economy will be dead in the water and sinking, huge levels of unemployment will worsen, unions will be under attack, GI’s will die in for-profit wars, there will be four unemployed workers for every job opening, wages will get lower and as that happens spending and saving will suffer, the pitiless mass murder of civilians by the US will continue form Libya to Pakistan and in a very dangerous move US saber rattling will ‘pivot’ from the Gulf of Arabia to the South China Sea.

Sign: Obama is NOT a Brown Skinned Anti-War Socialist Who Gives Away Free Healthcare... You're Thinking of JESUS

Sign from Occupy Wall Street NYC (Photo: David Shankbone / Flickr).

All we can do is prepare to fight which ever lap dog of Wall Street wins by building the union left and the Occupiers.

“Few predict that Barack Obama will generate the Black turnout that propelled him to victory in 2008.
A small but growing number” of Black former Obama enthusiasts “have grown weary of the charade and know they have been played for fools.” Race pride motivated them the first time around, but that is harder to muster for “a man who never saw them as anything more than saps who would vote for him no matter what he said or did.” Black Agenda Report senior editor Margaret Kimberley 06 13 2012

Poll: World souring on Obama, American foreign policy 2 –
President Obama has seen his poll numbers slip in recent months as a lagging economy continues to dog his presidency, and now there’s evidence that the president is also seeing his popularity erode around the world. According to a new survey of more than 26,000 people in 21 different countries, support for the president’s international policies is dropping. Approval of the president’s handling of foreign affairs has dropped 15 points in Europe, 19 points in the Middle East, 18 points in Russia and 30 points in China, according to a new survey by the Pew Global Attitudes Project.” The Hill By Justin Sink 06 13 2012

“What Occupiers Learned From Obama…
“It doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch at this point to say that Obama is responsible for Occupy Wall Street’s existence. The failures of his administration to stop the bleeding caused by financial meltdown have been well documented, as well as the disillusionment among many former supporters… the Obama campaign trained a lot of first-time political operators (but) political movements are unwieldy things and the control of the Democratic National Committee shut down much of the free-flowing energy that helped elect the president. For three years … activists waited and wondered if they’d made a mistake.Truthout By Sarah Jaffe – 05 13 2012.

The upsurge in Wisconsin and the growth of the Occupier movements are clear indications that they figured it out.

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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue