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Obama comes out of the closet

Obama finally came out of the closet and declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president. At least that’s my conclusion after listening to Obama’s Ohio speech. If Romney hadn’t given his Ohio speech first, I would have recommended he just reiterate Obama’s words. As Obama praised Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan, all I could see was Jack Kemp hiding in a black man’s body.

Obama stressed how he cut taxes, cut regulations, cut the growth of government, and cut $2 Trillion out of future deficits. Then he promised to strengthen Social Security and Medicare(Obama language for cutting Social Security and Medicare less than the House Republicans). All I could think about durning my first and last Obama speech of the year was JOBS, 8.2% unemployment, and 2000 dead Americans in Afghanistan (Huff Post headline).

Every time I saw the large minority crowd cheering, I felt sick to my stomach. That was me in 2008. I supported this worthless Manchurian failure, and now all I want to do is grab every last black idiot in the crowd and force them to see that Obama is a Republican. He is Mitt Romney. He is GWB. He is the Democratic Party’s worst nightmare. Obama is about to cut another deal(after the election) that’s going to legitimize the Tea Party Republican philosophy.

I guess you can sum up today as the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. There was no Good. We’ve had the Bad for three and half years, and Mitt Romney is the Ugly. Given those options, I choose the Ugly. Or the lesser of the two evils.

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