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Americans Still Blame Bush for the Economy

Even though President Obama faces the very difficult task of running for re-election during a very poor economy, he has one important advantage going for him; voters continue to put much of blame for the current bad economy on former President George W. Bush. From Gallup:

Trend: How Much Are George W. Bush and Barack Obama to Blame for U.S. Economy?

To a large degree it seems people don’t think Obama was the one who ruined the economy, it is just that a lot of people think he has done a poor job of fixing it. That is still not good perception going into a re-election fight but better than the alternative.

The unfortunate thing for the Obama campaign is that even though less people blame Obama for the bad economy than blame Bush, Bush isn’t on the ballot this year, Obama is. A majority of people still think Obama deserves at least a moderate amount of blame.

The Obama team will likely try to tie Mitt Romney to the economic policies of the Bush administration, but that strategy has some real limitations. After all Romney didn’t work for the Bush administration and didn’t serve in Congress at the time.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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