We Could Be Heroes

You’ve seen Steampunk Sarah Palin

…and you’ve seen Photo”chopped” Andrew “Sir Deadalot” Breitbart:

But nothing could prepare you for… The American League of Busty Lady Conservative Heroes For You To Fap To:

When I was a kid I loved comics. It’s what led me down the path to ultimately become a graphic artist. I originally wanted to draw them, but 9-11 turned my attention to the real world, and I never looked back.

I still love the art form, and I thought it would be fun to match VIP conservative women with some of the best and toughest super-heroines created. The connection is pretty obvious after all…


Ann Coulter

Michelle Malkin

Megyn Kelly

and a VERY Special Guest Appearance by Phyllis Schlafly as … The Bonershrinker


You have to admit, the pearl necklace was a nice touch…

(Thanks to reader David R. for the tip)


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