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Sponsor of Anti-Marriage Equality Initiative 1192 Campaigns on His Courtroom Failures

Stephen Pidgeon is the primary sponsor of anti-gay Initiative 1192. If it gets on the November ballot, I-1192 will ask voters in Washington state to reinstate a re-worded version of the state DOMA law that was repealed by the recently-passed marriage equality law.

Mr. Pidgeon is also a GOP candidate for Washington state attorney general. In an attempt to draw contrasts between himself and the frontrunners, he posted this curious statement on Facebook:

King County Councilman Dunn, in the most recent debates, has emphasized his experience as a trial lawyer over Bob Ferguson’s experience, which apparently is very little. For comparison, here is my trial experience:

US Supreme Court (Doe v. Reed); Second Circuit (In re Chrysler); Ninth Circuit (F___ v. Snohomish County); Washington Supreme Court (Broe v. Reed) …

The irony is that Mr. Pidgeon lost at least three of those cases.

Mr. Pidgeon, in league with National Organization for Marriage’s lawyer James Bopp, lost Doe v. Reed in a crushing 8-1 United States Supreme Court decision. The case was an attempt by Larry Stickney and other sponsors of Washington’s 2009 anti-domestic partnership Referendum 71 to keep secret the identities of ballot measure petition signers.

In November, 2009, just months before Pidgeon and Bopp’s loss in Doe v. Reed, over 53% of the Washington electorate voted to approve Referendum 71, making Washington the first state in the nation to ratify a relationship recognition law for gay and lesbian couples at the polls.

In re Chrysler and Broe v. Reed are just two of the Obama birther cases that Pidgeon has filed and lost. The chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit found In re Chrysler to be “without merit“.

Back in 2008, Mr. Pidgeon sued Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed in Broe v. Reed for counting ballots cast for Barack Obama. Pidgeon claimed those ballots were invalid because, he alleged, Obama isn’t a natural born citizen of the United States. The Washington State Supreme Court quickly dismissed the case.

Mr. Pidgeon, who believes that “government was created to kill”, has since warned that if President Obama is re-elected, “You will be locked into this country, and you will be under the tyranny of the iron fist of an Islamic caliphate.”

There’s no sanity test for filing a ballot initiative. Likewise, there’s no law against apparently trying to snow voters by holding up a checklist of courtroom failures while implying that it is evidence of a qualified candidate. Voter beware.

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