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Looking Toward Winter.


Looking toward winter, I see a vision of unpaid electric bills, unaffordable fuel oil bills, unaffordable propane and natural gas bills. In addition, I see a vision of Americans going without healthcare and food in order to stay warm and to keep the lights on. The democratized oligarchies of the West intend to enforce austerity upon the impoverished classes and to squeeze the last dime out of the remaining middle class. There are no jobs programs in place for the unemployed and no guaranteed income programs in place for those who are unemployed and unemployable in our current economic system and its private industries.

If the leaders of ‘outsider’ countries really want to one-up the Empire and show Americans that they speak for all people and for peace, they could demonstrate their good will. To demonstrate that they do care about creating a peaceful, pro-life future in which no group, tribe, minority are excluded, they could begin by helping the disenfranchised unemployed, poor, elderly, disabled and sick in the capitalist, failing economies of the West.

China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, and Brazil have resources which they could distribute to the Americans our government have abandoned. Bypassing the profit-takers of the capitalist Western economy, China could distribute the goods our impoverished classes need at dirt cheap prices. Yes. The poor need soaps, clothing, shoes, jackets, socks, brooms, appliances for cooking and parts for cars. Yes. The working poor need to be able to drive to work. They still buy tires. China could provide these for at-cost prices and save our impoverished people from using their food money to pay capitalist profits. After all, what do American discount stores make anyway? They collect the excessive profits on things the Chinese make, right?

The energy generating countries such as Venezuela, Iran and Russia could donate fuel oil and natural gas. By selling us these at just the cost of production, these countries could cut out the mass market manipulators in the West and bring needed winter warmth to our impoverished Americans. Venezuela was donating fuel oil to Americans at one time. Iran’s reputation could use some burnishing and Iran could ‘shine’ by helping our downtrodden folks who have been spurned by their own elected misrepresentatives.

Cuba trains doctors and shares them with other countries. Would Cuba be willing to help impoverished Americans who need healthcare and whose own pay-go medical system has abandoned them? Cubans respect communities which nurture their own citizens by caring for them regardless of their ability to pay. Would Cuban leaders be willing to make a gigantic gesture of goodwill and help our sick and our ailing?  We have virtually no medical services to meet the needs of impoverished Americans for dental care and basic family health care.

Brazil could offer to finance a jobs program. One person per household could be eligible. Jobs would be created, defined and managed by each community. The employed would receive a monthly/weekly stipend equivalent to the cost of feeding everyone in that household. Jobs could be in agriculture, education, healthcare services, construction, the arts and so on. Using zero interest financing, communities would pledge to repay the loans. The Argentina model for creating jobs could be reconfigured to meet the needs of American communities. By working around the American Stonewall of Wall Street financiers, jobs programs could be easily financed, and everyone could have a job.


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