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I’m going to let it “shuffle.” Mind you there will not be any “sources” or outside links, this is strictly going to be a controlled demolition.

Tree of Truth

“Suddenly there’s a shadow hanging over me….” as if I needed a reminder of the dark space that connects us all. My shadow, cast upon an onlooking tree outlined a form I didn’t know. Long hair with an old man’s hat on, as if I was on a Sunday stroll in the woods. Well quite frankly I was on a stroll, and I was in the woods, so I carried on, still being watched by that cascading dark figure of a man that drifts from my feet. I paused to look at an interesting tree, it was carved by a hand, the sketches of two towers with a plane heading toward them. Inscribed with 9 / 11, funny how you cross the world and still the same nightmares always follow, as if I could never awake from this dream, as if our realities were tied together through mindless rapture, always crying out to change the game, change the station, change the tune, change anything…….that damn shadow was nodding in agreement, damn, he always knew…..or at least did a bang up job pretending that he knew.

Last swig of “green” tea for the day, I guess they don’t comment on what color it is when it enters my mug, renamed to sludge tea, Deepwater Horizon has nothing on my tea. “Through these fields of destruction, baptisms of fire, I’ve witnessed your suffering as the battled waged high….” So many people remain within themselves to power the endless infinity. The power of perfection and pursuit to no end. I am leaving this world riddled with hate and money, I fly to other ends, other worlds that will incubate my soul, keep it from worry, from fear, for within this warm circle I shall find a place to baptize my own soul through its desire and quest for divinity. A true mirror of divinity, without the smoke filled walls, beyond the stars and through them, I shall lay down within its very dust, caked to my gaseous form of nothing.

“Half a mile from the canyon ferry and the rain came pourin’ down….” full of college memories, a prism of colored light that has continued to light my older life. Why must I always yearn to the source of the flame within? Why can’t I be ignorant and indifferent and let this polluted river run its course without my stoned interruption? Behind the bar, receiving the call for help and always lending a smiling ear. Of course I’ll listen to your life, your call for help, but know that because I don’t act on it, doesn’t mean I don’t care, I was simply the gate to let you walk through so that the universe could hear you, as you can hear you, that’s all I ever was behind that bar.

“Last Sunday mornin’ sunshine felt like rain…..I still have two strong legs and even wings to fly….” At the Beacon in New York, smoking a cigarette outside in the cool night air. Looking up at the marque, The Allman Brothers Band……sent chills through my spine, or was that the 5 screwdrivers that were pounded 7 blocks from here? Who knew? Who cares? What does caring even mean? “Don’t forget the pouuuuu eeeoooyyoo ooooriin’ rain….” Never forget the pourin’ rain. That stuff will cleanse your soul and send you back to the ocean upon which you came from. Which in the perspective of the universe is simply a puddle. A puddle of what? Why must we label and name things to death, as if they even had a chance to live without names and their corresponding keyboard letters? Ahh but what are we but simple people who must learn and know everything, for it will be this quest in searching that will truly end all our limits.

Too bad nobody told me in 2nd grade, “Hey man, don’t worry about school, period. When you get older you’ll be trying to find ways how to de-program yourself from all this societal conditioning anyway, so the less you take away from this institutionalized brain screw, the better, trust me little boy, trust me…..” Check. De-programming in progress, how do I un-learn what I’ve learned, where’s the opposite switch button? Or is that irrelevant and in another dimension somewhere else…..maybe in my “cloud.”

Why can’t I look at the clouds anymore without a dropping sensation in my stomach? Why can’t I just think, ya, they are all contrails, they are left by airplanes, frozen particles, it’s natural really, they really aren’t trying to control the world you live on….shhhhhhh just let it go. You can’t stop all the planes from flying, you can’t stop the machine Neo……naw…..keep digging, how do I un-learn, ahhhhhh, shoving the books from the table, I can feel the energy beyond words.


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