Citizen Journalist Rudely Informed That Andrew Breitbart Is Dead

In a MUST CREDIT BREITBART NEWS EXCLUSIVE! ONLY WE HAVE THIS! bloggy post, intrepid boy journalist Jeremy Segal stopped former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley at O’Hare airport to ask him some very important questions to see if they contradicted professional liar Ed (“Chelsea Clinton is a rape-baby by-product of Bill’s sexual assault of lesbo-Hillary!“) Klein’s  new book, Shit My Dad’s Forwarded E-Mails Say.  Unsurprisingly, Daley brushed away Segal’s dumb questions but not before tactlessly informing Segal that (SPOILER ALERT!) Andrew Breitbart is dead.

And … action:

[Segal provided the following transcript of his exchange with Daley (who boarded in first class, naturally) just a few minutes ago]

Breitbart News: Jeremy Segal with Breitbart News. I wanted to ask you two quick questions.

Bill Daley: OK, sure.

Breitbart News: I wanted to know if it dissapointed you that the president took on the Catholic Church?

Daley: Who are you with again?

Breitbart News: Breitbart News.

Bill Daley: Is that a blog or something?

Breitbart News: Yes, and a national news site. You know Andrew Breitbart?

Bill Daley: Oh yeah, isn’t that the guy that died?

Breitbart News:

What are your feelings about–or were you dissapointed (sic) that the president took on the Catholic Church?


That was very mean, Mr. Daley! The proper response should have been: “Andrew Breitbart is up on the roof“.

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