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Pop Quiz: Who’s the Asshole?

So, you go into your favorite restaurant (no names, but it starts with a “D”), look over the menu, and order the grilled chicken with a salad.

The food arrives, and you realize right away it’s not the grilled chicken and a salad, because it’s two pieces of bread with something in between. It’s a sandwich.

You lift up the top piece of bread, and staring back up at you is a turd. You’ve been brought a shit sandwich.

So, you complain. And threaten to withhold payment, and to never come back to that restaurant again.

At this point the manager of this branch, one V.J. comes out, and speaks loud enough for all patrons to hear and says “Oh, this baby got their fee fee’s hurt. They didn’t get EXWACKLY whut dey wanted. Ohhhh, po po baby…. Grow up, life sucks, deal with it.”

And to your surprise, a large number of those patrons then stand up and applaud.

So, who’s the asshole here??

Hint: If it took you longer than .3 seconds to realize asshole number one was VJ and the other assholes here were all those patrons that applauded, then you too just might be an asshole.

Don’t let these assholes bother you too much. They’ve got nothing to offer, and trying to belittle and insult you is all they’ve got left. Believe me, when you order a grilled chicken and instead receive a shit sandwich, you have every right to complain. And to take your business elsewhere. In fact, you’d be crazy not to.

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