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Larue’s Garden, Let’s Plant-6/11/12

Ok, the last we saw of Larue’s Garden was back in May of this year, after we had planted some in April, some in early May.

My FDL Garden Post, May 5, 2012

New, fresh, a bit sparse, stuff in seedling phases, stuff in the ground that had not yeat seeded up . . . you know the drill, it’s early, even for May (we had early warm, then two weeks of cold in late April early May, weird spring).

N then, a month or so later, it’s all phreakin insane.

Who knows what lies for the rest of the summer, as horn worms, aphids and more get to our stuff.

But for now, stuff’s got tall, really tall. Stuffs flowering, stuffs growing mater wise, pepper wise, bean wise.

So let’s cut to the cinematic chase, get to the pics, and show you what a month will do for 3 or more kinds of maters, pole beans galore, 3 squash, tyyme, basil, oregano, rosemary, n a few red n yellow bell pepper plants, and the flowers honey loves, that gives us cred, major cred, with teh management and neighbors.

Here’s back patio shelf with fennel, flowers, and thyme and oregano, with background of stuff outside of fence.










More back side.










In The Ground, Back Side.










Back side right . . . left was mater, rosemary, and pole beans climbing all over, with tons of clover in the ground for water saving.

From here I’m just gonna show pics, similar to last month’s shots.

I’ll just say, it all got really bigger! *G*

As you can see, we expanded out back outside the fence, and up front, outside the fence, with some stealth gardening.

It’s all, so far, growing fast and hard . . .

What are YOU growing, and show me yer pics!

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