Ooooo-wheee! what a mess the State of Kansas’ legislatures and even the executive branch have given us for the all-important 2012 elections. Not just irresponsibly – but even out of neglect – have they failed to lead in this matter, but to even have the nerve afterward to thinly criticize the Federal Judge’s decision as Sec State Kobach did. Or, deliver it to the people, like Governor Brownback said, like it was on a platter: “It’s in the hands of the people now.”

It’s in the hands of the people alright, but they were given less than 72 hours to figure out which district they live in. For starters. Even then if they would want to run, in that district, find out who’d support them in that district, who they might be matched against — 72 hours to decide which candidates to declare they were running in all the new districts — in this year’s state elections!
That’s disruptive and unprecedented too, Mr Secretary of State, who says he can’t extend the sign-up date, which he has always pretended was fixed in time and who is the only one who might do something for a change besides scaring old people and the rest of what he deems ‘minorities’.
If I’m not mistaken, he has the power to extend the date that candidates can enter for entrance into the statewide district elections on August 7. If he wants to.

The deadline just happens to be Monday June 11, at noon, in Topeka, KS. Will Somebody find out if The People can have the deadline extended at all or will the Governor’s office let them? Watch them descend. Oooooo wheeee! What a mess.

Update: here is where the new maps are. They weren’t there just a few hours ago.

Both the Wichita Eagle paper and the AP report filed late Thursday night in the Kansas Press Assoc tell more details.