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Sunday Late Night: Jebspawn Sez Pa Would “Serve” as Veep

You all know I’m a relentless gossip about the Veepstakes, which is sadly diminished this year from last cycle by 50% because Uncle Joe went all Super-Ghey on Barack, making it impossible to kick him out of his Observatory Circle digs without incurring the wrath of and enraging the Lavender Dems, David Geffen and other wealthy Gays Who Bundle (heh).

But the GOP Veepstakes are rich this year. As much as I’d like to see AMC’s “The Walking Dead” get the boost in ratings that a certain non-recalled Wisconsin governor might give Mitt (Rmoney-Walker: GET SOME!) it appears the Bush family is unwilling to be so easily shunted aside.

G.P. Bush says his Pa would serve if asked, hurray!

In an interview, 36-year-old George P. Bush is as plain-spoken as his grandmother Barbara, who in his telling wears the pants in the Bush family.

And while he says his father Jeb, the former governor of Florida, is sincere when he says he isn’t campaigning to join the Romney ticket, George P. also strongly suggests that his dad would say yes if asked: “If called upon to serve, he will,” he says flatly.

And (if you can believe this) Jeb! is enjoying spending time with his mother, who is most likely screeching at him day and night for not grabbing the brass ring from Rmoney this go-round while she now pushes her first-born to take the Number Two slot — “It worked wonders for your father’s marital performance, I’ll say that for being Veep!”

G.P. Bush does the obligatory Marco Rubio VP push, but (to me, anyway) bringing up his dad’s willingness to serve reminds everyone that as Governor during Rubio’s best cash-grabbing years, his dad likely still has all the Rubio files locked up tight. Any one of which would end Marco’s candidacy, and Mitt’s if Marco’s picked.

Only a plutocrat as clueless as Mitt Rmoney would think America was ready for a Bush on the national ticket. A plutocrat named G.P. Bush, for instance. Get a clue, dude: your uncle W is the only living ex-Pres under 50%. And likely to stay there.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge