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Obama & Clinton Pal, Bahrain’s King Al Khalifa, Jails Kids

This is 11 year old Ali Hassan, the youngest political prisoner in #bahrain

At left you see the photo of Ali Hasan. Ali is 11 years old and has been in a Bahraini jail for three weeks now. His crime – “Illegal gathering.” His trial will be held tomorrow.

The Bahrain Human Rights Center reports:

On 13 May 2012, 11 year old Ali Hasan Alqudaihi was arrested on the street in his hometown Bilad Alqadeem by security officials in civilian clothing and driving a civilian car; he was taken to the Nabeeh Saleh police station. The eleven year-old stated that he was beaten and humiliated at the time of his arrest. He was charged with “illegal gathering” and detained at the juvenile detention centre as per an order from the juvenile court’s judge, who has extended the detention period into its 3rd week on 4 June 2012. The child has not yet been found guilty of the alleged crime, but he has been already been detained for over 20 days now, and kept away from his home and school during the period of the final exams.

Ali’s arrest was just a few days after the Obama administration decided to resume arms sales to Bahrain’s government – the same government that claims Ali was involved in “burning tires” and so should be help in jail for weeks. (Activists in Bahrain’s villages often burn tires in the road to disrupt traffic as a protest.)

CNN notes:

But an attorney for Hasan’s family disputes the government account, saying the boy was playing with two other children in the street when he was stopped by police.

The attorney, Shahzalan Khamees, said that police stopped Hasan and two other boys, who managed to run away. Khamees said Hasan claims the police threatened to shoot him with a pellet gun if he ran…

A second defense attorney, Mohsin Al-Alawi, said he recently visited Hasan and that the boy told him that he didn’t take part in an “illegal gathering.”

The boy sobbed, said he is tired and wants to go home, Al-Alawi said.

While Ali enters his fourth week of detention, the head of the Bahrain Human Rights Center, Nabeel Rajab was rearrested.

This arrest of Nabeel Rajab comes one day after he appeared on Al-Jazeera TV show AJStream and criticized the lack of serious reform and the continuation of violations against the people of Bahrain.[4]

Rajab had just been released on bail on May 28th for the charges that he used Twitter to organize a protest and to “suggest that the Interior Ministry had not carried out proper investigations into civilian deaths. “

You can watch that Al Jazeera Stream broadcast here.

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