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Nuns to the Vatican (and Paul Ryan): We’re rollin’

In our last episode, the Vatican had told US nuns that they’re just spending too much time on the poor. Actually, that is not correct, what the Vatican told them is that because they don’t spend enough time speaking out against abortion, they are not toeing the line of the home office. And Bennie and the Jets have assigned a rather nasty Bishop from Seattle to take over the largest organization of nuns in the US to make sure that they clean up their act.

The nuns, understandably have politely disagreed. On the other hand, one of the groups, Network, also has a rather large bone to pick with Paul Ryan, who has referenced his faith in the budget that he is proposing. Because, as we all know, Jesus was all about ‘show me the money’. The nuns are not happy about THAT, either (ok, to be ‘fair and balanced, there has been some noise from “red shoes central” that Ryan is not exactly being true to the faith on this either, but I digress). So, the nuns have decided that what America needs, right now, is a Road Trip.

[Sister SIMONE] CAMPBELL: All over our nation, Catholic sisters are working at the margins of our society to serve people who are struggling in this economy, people who are hungry, people who are left out of the economy, people who have lost their jobs or people working at low wage jobs.

We thought the best way to bring an education to our nation about what’s happening here in Washington is if we went on the road and lifted up their work and the consequences they would face if this Republican House budget goes through.

For more info on the tour (I want a tee shirt, please), go here: Nuns on the Bus. And yes, you can give them money and strangely enough, it is tax deductible.

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