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Everybody Is Not A Winner Day: The Breitb-Arting

The votes have been cast and tallied and manipulated by Diebold, then reviewed by Nino Scalia who awarded the win to George W. Bush which was then overruled by me and now we have a winner(s) in our Bring Out Your Dead Breitbart Pix contest thing and …. we have two winners because they were so damn close in the totals that it was only fair to declare them both winners because of … socialism? Yeah, okay, that works.

To the surprise of no one, at least those who can count (which excludes Megan McArdle), the wieners are BartCatCopter submitted by newdealfarmgrrrlll (with a creative assist from laura):

and Breithilda submitted by Blue Gal :

…who will no doubt be accused of being sexist, misogynistic, sizeist, and probably anti-Semitic because, you know, Wagner. Blue Gal can totally lord this over her husband, driftglass. Yeah, now who’s wearing the pants in the family,
buddy? That’s right. Now move that cute little butt of yours out to the kitchen and make her a sammich.

Anyway, prizes will be shipped this week and congratulations to all, including those who didn’t win because you not only have the bad taste to make fun of dead people but you probably made Steve Almond cry.

And that makes you a winner in my book …

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