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800 lb Up-Armored Gorilla (in Wisconsin and probably YOUR hometown)

‘one day, all them bags, gon’ get in your way’ – Erykah Badu

Here is something you likely haven’t heard in the news.  Here is something that you may have thought about, and then thought better of, or thought about and then rejected it, put it out of your mind…and dismissed it.  Here is something you may have been aware of on an instinctive level, and yet never brought those pangs or feelings up into your conscience thoughts and speech.

As the corporate media dissects, and as many many people in the state of Wisconsin and nation wide commiserate on the fact that even the heroic efforts by folks in the state of Wisconsin and across the country to recall the corrupt, regressive, lying, and possibly criminal governor did not succeed as hoped…..there is something you probably haven’t heard talked about too much as to the ’why?’.

Unlimited monies and negligent, lackluster performance by establishment Dems we have heard shouted from the rooftops.  All of which IMHO is true and absolutely part of the answer as to why Scott Walker is still in office.

I don’t want to take up too much of your time so I’ll try to be as brief as possible here.  Do you believe that racism played a part in what happened in Wisconsin? Do you believe that racism plays a substantial role in the politics of this nation?  I do.

Did you know that Wisconsin is ranked among the top 10 WORST places to BE BLACK in the United States?   It is.

Did you know that there is a very robust link between CONservatism and racism & bigotry?  There is.

If anyone reading this diary has ready any of my others then you know that I am of the firm and vigorous belief that there are only 3 pillars which prop up the organized crime syndicate known as the GOP.  Those pillars IMHO are:  Racism, Bigotry, & Religious Intolerance.   Without these, the tiny, tiny handful of rich folk who benefit from the GOP would not be able to sustain an organized crime syndicate in the form of a ‘political party’ known as the Republicans.  AND.  Without the GOP; there would be no political space for the smooth talking, backstabbing Democrats, without which; we would have enough political space for a real party of the people.

I’ve heard the term ‘post racial America’ and I have found the term and the concept wanting.  If anything, we are a post OVERTLY racist America.  Let us NOT deceive ourselves on this.

My reason for writing this post?  Very simple, let us at least acknowledge the problem, in our analysis, in our planning and in our calculations.  We do ourselves a disservice if we do not.

And I know that is pitifully inadequate, but I also know that no problem ever got solved or even addressed…..without first being acknowledged.

We’ve come a hell of a long way.  We still have a long way to go.

The dirty, bloody, bag of racism is still holding us back.  And we have to realize we are carrying it around in order to have enough sense to let it go.