The Meta-Photoshopping Dead Breitbart Meta-Postmodern Thingy

As was frequently pointed  in comments, but actually professionally bloggy journalismed at Wonkette (PULITZER, BITCHEZ! GET SOME), the  Andrew Breitbart Sir Rantsalot Collecters Edition Jism Fingerpainting by David Bugnon is just a crappy photoshop of a character from one of those wacky video games that teach teenaged boys how to steal cars and  beat hookers with baseball bats so that they can eventually grow up (sometime in their mid-thirties) and become sad masturbators like Vox Day.

So, when you really think about it, David Bugnon is the one who deserves to win for photoshopping Dead Andrew Breitbart into something that is laughable and sad, but mostly laughable. But since his contribution was created before the contest started, it is null and void but no less laughable. Also, he’s a plagiarizing asshole, so fuck him.

You guys , on the other hand, followed the rules because you are sheeple libtards who photoshop inside the lines, which means that one of you is going to win as a reward for your mindless conformity allowing me to bill the Koch bros for this. Sweet!

Here are your finalists as chosen by a panel of experts, by which I mean me looking at them after four hours of sleep. Not all used Bugnon’s work as their source material but if I lol’d , it’s in. And remember, if your picture wasn’t chosen, that doesn’t mean you’re a loser. Jesus loves you just the same, maybe even more, which is probably why he made you “special”.

Pictures after the fold. Vote by number in the comments. Voting concludes Sunday at noon west coast time which is the only time that matters.  No shoving … because remember what happened when The Who played Cincinnati? That didn’t end well now, did it?










Voting starts…now!

Or later. Whatever.

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