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Which Democrat is closest to your values

Okay, so we know what a rotten bunch of losers Democrats are, but let’s put that aside for a minute, and just take a look at this contrast.

Yesterday, courtesy of one of my friends, I received the following from the Obama campaign [I am no longer on their mailing list; I wonder why??]:


Friend –Yesterday, a terrifying experiment played out in Wisconsin. 

Republican Governor Scott Walker, one of the least popular governors in the country, managed to hold on against challenger Tom Barrett in the statewide recall election.

After outspending his opponent nearly EIGHT to ONE.

Walker was challenged because he’s spent the last year and a half promoting special interests and Republican ideologues, while taking away a seat at the table for middle-class families. But when his job was on the line, those same groups repaid the favors — and were willing to spend nearly eight times as much money as the Democratic candidate and his allies raised.

That swung this election. This kind of corporate and special-interest spending is exactly what we could be up against this fall. Outside groups have already poured $75 million into ads attacking the President in key states — and they’ve pledged to spend an unprecedented $1 billion. You can help close the gap.

Please donate $3 or more to support President Obama and make sure people, not special interests, decide this election.

Scott Walker’s strategy in Wisconsin is straight out of Mitt Romney’s playbook: In primary after primary against Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, he and his backers poured millions into negative ads until they got the result they wanted.

Last night, that strategy swung the election for Walker.

Now, imagine this same scenario playing out again in Wisconsin in November — or in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, and the rest of the battleground states.

The other side has the money. They know they can swing the election if they spend it.

And they are being told every day by Mitt Romney that he will do exactly what they want him to.

What are you going to do about it? Please donate today:



Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Condensed version: “Me, me, me.  It’s all about ME.  And send me money.  I need money.”

Please note: there’s no mention of the fact that Obama refused to give ANY support — personal, financial or “surrogate” — to the recall troops.

OTOH, say what you will about Kucinich and his various issues, look what he sent out [condensed version]:

Last night, the result of the Wisconsin recall was not what we wanted. This movement will lose elections and we’ll lose political battles. That’s democracy. But what makes last night especially difficult is how we lost. This wasn’t a debate over ideas or even a test of political skill. It was a corruption of our democracy, when unregulated and shadowy corporate money drowned out everything. Corporate money once again prevailed in its takeover of our democracy.

We have had too many nights like last night since the Supreme Court, in the Citizens United decision, opened the doors to undisclosed, unlimited corporate spending in our elections. As we have come to know too well, the funding of our electoral contests has a direct effect on who controls our political process — and the legislation that comes out of it.

Citizens United invalidated a century old law in Wisconsin banning independent expenditures. Governor Walker and his allies spent over $45 million dollars – 3 out of every 4 dollars spent on the race. Citizens United allowed more money to be spent in 2010 than any prior midterm election, and will allow even more money to be spent in 2012 than any prior presidential election. Corporations are buying our elections and buying our government, while the rest of us — the poor, the middle class and main street — get left behind.

Never has it been more necessary to overturn Citizens United and restore our democracy. Earlier this year, I introduced a Constitutional Amendment which would require that all federal campaigns be financed exclusively by public funds and prohibit expenditures from every other source. My amendment, H.J. Res. 100, would change the way we finance the elections of our Presidents, Senators and Representatives, and return control of the political system to the people.

Please join me today in signing the petition today to support H.J. Res 100 and overturn Citizens United.


If we were to set about rebuilding the Democratic party,  which of these represents the values YOU’D like to be associated with?


PS – For an excellent analysis of what Dems now face, thanks to Obama, see the following Matt Stoller piece in Naked Capitalism:


His conclusion:

At this point, the Democratic Party is hopelessly broken and overrun by the same interests that are running the Republican Party.

I.e., we’re back to the “rotten bunch of losers” meme.


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