Vagina Invasion

Hey, remember when Bill Kristol’s idiot son-in-law wrote:

What would happen, though, if a website covered the left in the same way that the left covers the right? What picture of the world would one have in mind if the morning paper read like the New York Times—but with the subjects of the stories and the assumptions built into the text changed to reflect a conservative, not liberal, worldview? What would happen if the media wolf pack suddenly had to worry about an aerial hunting operation?

You are about to find out. The Washington Free Beacon is here to enter the arena of combat journalism. Our talented staff will add to the chorus of enterprising conservative reporters, publishing original stories, seeking out scoops, and focusing on the myriad connections between money and power in the progressive movement and Obama’s Washington. Our research and war room divisions will supplement that reporting with context, additional materials, and breaking video. At the Beacon, you will find the other half of the story, the half that the elite media have taken such pains to ignore: the inside deals, cronyism cloaked in the public interest, and far-out nostrums of contemporary progressivism and the Democratic Party. At the Beacon, all friends of freedom will find an alternative to the hackneyed spin, routine misstatements, paranoid hyperbole, and insipid folderol of Democratic officials and the liberal gasbags on MSNBC and talk radio. At the Beacon, we follow only one commandment: Do unto them.

Well, here is some of that hard-hittin’ journalimism from the Bacon under the headline: FLOWTUS:

The overflow crowd of women at a pricey campaign fundraiser hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama in New York City Thursday spilled into the men’s bathroom, according to pool reports leaked to the Washington Free Beacon:

The vast majority of the crowd were women. This apparently resulted in a long line for the women’s restroom. One group solved this by commandeering the men’s room.

“We’re using the men’s room right now, we’re taking it over. We have a long line for the women’s room,” one of them said.

I’m pretty sure that the Freeb was created to make Breitbart.com look like the London Review Of Books.

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