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Time to Roll SUN

At times I am often silent. I observe and listen, let go and watch the wind cascade through all living beings around me. Which, if you didn’t think about, everything around you is alive, yes even the television mind controller…..but alas, this brings me back to standing on a cliff in Thailand, looking throughout the jungle below me. Seeing the invisible vapor rise off the trees as if they were breathing, and no I wasn’t out of my mind just yet, that was to come later, but at that moment in time, where all things converge and your eyes see for the first time, truly see…..just see.

You are flying around on a living organism. Your body has been carefully crafted throughout thousands of years, lest I say million, but I fear that the word million really has no impact on any of us that watch the “market chat” with Dan Gooding. Don’t look that up, that man doesn’t exist…..yet.

Dan Gooding talks about “the market” as if it was a real solid thing. In reality, or at least in a reality I like to call reality, the market to me, is quite frankly a man made object, a dream. This market has been the source of living for many many…’s the word again…millions of people. I know you didn’t ask me, but I’m going to tell you anyway. This is about to change.

Market forces pulled the stock market down today, as speculators withdrew their hard earned profits, and looked to secure treasuries as the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates again to prop up bond cronies so that they can project their earnings toward the next quarter of the fiscal year in this cyclical hell hole. Haaaaa, good ole Dan Gooding, sometimes when I get thirsty I drink for Dan Gooding and his crew. I usually drink half liter beers, that go by the name of Distelhauser. We are talking heaven in a bottle, which rubbed, actually warms up and leaves good vibes everywhere, kinda like an orgasm bomb.

Wow now why haven’t they made a weapon like that yet?! As the New York Times reports, “An orgasm bomb was dropped on an unsuspecting crowd of protestors today, police were already on the scene provoking said borders, but quickly withdrew seeing that their force didn’t turn anyone on anymore.” On a side note, I think they should add those red mohawks that the Roman soldiers use to have on their helmets. I’d be perfectly fine with battons and red mohawks, and just think, they probably never even heard of this thought….I don’t know why, but after seeing 300 or whatever that movie with muscular men was….in really really really slow motion….but I assume that this society would be more apt to bowing down to characters they have already seen and worshiped on the silver screen, I mean come on police state, it’s time to get creative…….beating up innocent peaceful protestors can only go so far…….yes land of the free.

So today, sighh, I’m not going to talk about Dan Gooding or how he has worked all his bad bets to the taxpayer’s balance sheet or how the police, who you pay for, are beating up innocent people trying to voice their disgust at the current system. I’m letting go, for the creator in me sees their purpose, it sees where the tides are being pulled, and as I can here, in Germany, sit and watch and comment, from the back, kinda like those kings in the Roman times did….watching on the distant hill….hoping just hoping you were going to cut down Mel Gibson and his blue face. So enough battle and economic banter, if you want to get into the details at a later date, we most surely can, it involves a few beers and the bowing down of people around the world.

Now, just now, I want to express to you that you are on a path right now. As I type this, you are currently walking / sleeping / fishing / flying / dreaming / experiencing your path. We each have a different one, I know you wanted to be Brad Pitt’s path just for a few days, as I’m sure we all did, or currently do, but for the sake of this email, and these written words I will have to boil everything down, condense all energy back into you, and what stands before you.

We are being given a choice, some of us have been given this choice already, and some of us will be asked this choice very very soon. As unsustainable systems fail with the warm hand of Mother Nature, the fields open, the mono-cultured crops sink back into the Earth and allow a fresh view upon this dream we all call Earth. Doors have been opening at a faster pace in the last 10 years, I’m not sure if you noticed, I doubt you did, because this was thought to be life, and this is just how it is.

Opening souls are waking up more and more around the Earth. They are waking up to the notion that all this life business really isn’t business at all, but a slave drive. The human farm has been going through one helluva time the last 100 years, but the fences are starting to fail, the cracks are beginning to be seen in the roof, the foundation is steaming….the good news, is that this is what is suppose to happen. Billions of people have lived before you, and right now, you are sitting in an amazing place of time and reality. The world has never seen anything like this, nor will it ever, for now is the reason you were born.

Yes, I know that’s quite crazy of me to say, but honestly, you can forget all your worries…..about bills, payments, papers, fences, GMOs, oil, war, hunger, peace, any and all of it can be forgotten, in the blink of an eye. And as you return your gaze from after that said blink, think for a second, through your heart, not through your brain, I’m poking at a deeper source of your soul…..your heart my friends, think and feel through your hearts…..where will you take us now???

Where are we to go from here? We have figured out how to control the entire population of people, through manipulating monetary means (private central banks), drugging drinking water (flouride), blasting sex and noise from electronic tubes, poisoning their soils so that they can only grow chemically induced organisms, spraying their skies with particles, and blowing up their only means of power…..we can get humanity to kneel down, powerless and afraid, full of fear nothing will act, nor can it, and even if they did act, they would be acting OUT of fear, out of the fear house that they were born in….so really they are furthering their feared path and if it doesn’t serve us now, it will serve us later……don’t worry about these feared boys and girls.

The other pole of that, is already moving throughout the crust and creations of Earth. It’s called love, and as a shark through water, it is rising up at an electric rate of magnetism and soul. Acting though love of all things, loving everyone around you, knowing that just because they have been drugged and beaten to believe the state’s lies, it’s ok, we are all mentally ill. The Native Americans looked at the craziness that was the Western wave taking over their lands, seeing that everyone was consuming / using more than they needed….and they thought to themselves, “They are mentally ill.” MLK Jr. also spoke of the mentally ill, and those people were the ones screaming, persecuting people of color…..side thought: white is a color too…anyways, those that looked down upon our brothers and sisters, are ill, they are sick with the Western world view / dream. To understand this is one thing, to accept it and bless it is another, either way, love your brothers and sisters, no matter who and what they are.

Letting the love flow through your being is like removing the dams that have been strategically placed by your society, they know what gets your emotions boiling….emotions are control, they emit electric pulses, control the mood, control your body’s health, it’s all wrapped into one. Remove the blocks, let the love flow through, find those things that make you beat to a deeper resonance……

We are here to help one another, not compete. In Darwin’s book, the one that blew everyone away, he said “survival of the fittest” two times in his entire book. He mentioned the word love, 92 times. We are not here to compete against one another, we are here to cooperate with one another, our hearts and souls hum at a different health once this occurs. Avatar comes to mind……

Seriously though, look within, at what pulses through your veins. Feelings and emotions of love, or feelings and emotions of fear. Why do you do certain things? Why do you feel like you have to buy insurance? Fear of something bad happening. They have manipulated your minds into thinking something bad is going to happen, therefore they must act to stop what is going to happen (check out Tony Blair and any of his thoughts)……without having proof, but that’s purely secondary….wake up people, your heart and your soul are asking you to wake up to a new light, a new world, a new dream.

If you have any questions about anything, I am here, as I always will be and would love to chat.

This time is heating up across every facet of our lives, the best thing we can do, is get together, understand what’s going on and why, and dream together of a better place. It’s not crazy. Crazy is letting the world be destroyed by mentally ill people who are lost and need the love.

I will continue to write, for I have been silent for a good time, now is when the Spring is springing, the flowers are flowing my little hippie friends, it is time to believe in yourself and know that the entire universe is within you. All facets of creation and possibility remain on your little finger.

It’s time to get this dream a ROLLIN’.

all the love, endlessly


If you haven’t seen this documentary already, it is a must, period. The documentary, “I Am” sums up everything you need to GROW.

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