Was watching today’s version of DemocracyNow and those being interviewed about the NYC ‘stop and Frisk’ program and the thought occurred to me that, despite only some success and the obvious need to keep after the ‘pocket profiters'(which includes those who are elected to supposedly represent the voters(laugh track here)) that ‘actions speak louder than words’.

So I got thinking about the petition Teddy Partridge brought to MyFDL, “Create a Do Not Kill List“. And decided to check in on it. Well, the signatures have stopped incrementing. In communicating with friends about it, on the 4th day after Teddy brought it to MyFDL it had almost 5,000 signatures and given what Teddy said about needing 1,000 signatures a day to reach the threshold for a WH response, it looked like it would get the requisite signatures.

BUT here it is 7 days after Teddy brought it here and it’s nowhere near the 7,000 signatures to keep the pace Teddy mentioned. And how many readers are there of FDL, MYFDL, and News, and other carried blogs?
And I wrote at the time that it – Teddy’s diary- ‘should’ be kept on the ‘recommended’ list until the number of signatures needed was obtained by that suggestion fell on deaf ears.

Is this just a place for whiny people who are afraid to exercise their rights under the Constitution? Is it any wonder people of other nations see Americans as massive hypocrites? Rights are like muscles; if not exercised they atrophy.

And if those who frequent this place really see Obama as a murderer (which I do but I also realize he’s just following in the footsteps of previous Presidents as this country has a LONG history of murdering those who get in it’s way), why not get a world-wide petition (and I’d do it if I was skilled in ‘social networking’) to the Nobel Peace Prize committee asking them to rescind Obama’s Peace Prize as he has shown it’s COMPLETELY undeserved.

Never happened before but I bet well over a million signatures world-wide could be gathered fairly easily.

And who is in charge of the blogroll on the mothership? Earlier today Why I hate CCA and Correntewire were on the blogroll and now they’re not. And Raw Story and Daily Kos are?



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