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Why I am not as down over Wisconsin as others.

1)The democrats only pushed this to stop a general strike, so it is not surprising they would not invest any time in it.

2)Barrett is a dino and a good friend of Rahm Emanuel, so he probably would have sold out the unions once elected. He would have treated the union almost, but not quite as bad as Walker.

3)I would rather have a republican win then a dem sellout, since the left goes to sleep when democratic conservatives are elected and will not fight them.

4)Walker can’t do much since dems won back the Senate. Dems at the state legislature level are not as corrupt as the dems in the National and Executive State level.

5)The obvious lack of support the dems gave this probably will cause labor to finally break with the conservative dem establishment. For instance they will get rid of Rahm asskissers like Gerald McEntee, which is a good thing.

6)The damage done already will hurt Wisconsin for years so I suspect voters will get rid of Walker in 2 years this time with a real democrat rather than a dino.

I am not as torn up over the results as some people.

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