Wednesday Morning Coming Down

Things to make you feel better as you get over your post-Walker Recall Well, That Didn’t Go So Well Now Did It? hangover and since the post-mortems by The Very Serious People should prove to be insufferable today.

There is this

Which might explain a few things. I mean, besides the $30 million to $3.9 million dollars disparity in campaign money.

Also, too, Scott Walker might be feeling all ambitious and shit now and decide to eliminate tenure in the Wisconsin university system and then we’ll get to watch Ann Althouse go on a two-week bender which she will probably film and post as a series of rambling vignettes on the internet because she is Ann Althouse and lacks basic self-awareness. That would be all kinds of awesome, right?

Lastly, here is the Fenway vs Baby Wembley Tuggening video, because, why not? Beats crying in your beer. If you’re the kind of person who has beer for breakfast. You probably do, don’t you? You should probably call your sponsor right about now.

The lesson here is perseverance. Also, a low center of gravity helps…

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