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Occupy Supply Store Presentation

Our next Occupy Supply webinar is this Wednesday June 6th, 2012 at 8pm Eastern

On the next Occupy Supply Skill Share we introduce the new OccupySupply Store . Over the winter Occupy Supply kept the movement going giving out tents, sleeping bags and other cold weather gear. Now Occupiers across the country will be able to order new summer supplies to be shipped directly to their Occupation.

Our Panel this week features Firedoglake Founder Jane Hamsher and Occupy Supply Coordinator Bev Wright. They will go over the new OccupySupply Store and credit system that will be used for liaisons and occupiers to purchase new items and go over all of the exciting new items that have been added to the store for the summer. It is sure to be an exciting and informative presentation for all who are involved in the Occupy Movement or plan to protest this summer.

The OccupySupply Store has items such as: Bandanas, SS UVA Protection T-Shirts, Neck Kookerz, Baseball Caps, Drawstring Backpacks, Sip ‘N Go Water Bottles, Protection Scarves, CamelBack Mule Hydration systems, Molle II Camo Sleep Carrier System, Shelter Half-Tents, Safety Vests, Alice Packs (backpacks) with Steel Frame, Stuff Sack (duffle bag), Inflatable Mats, Sleeping Bags, Waterproof Sleeping Bag Covers, Poncho Liners, Blankets, and Fleece Jackets


For an Occupy location or FDL Liaison to qualify to receive donated credits, Register here. We will set up an Account and you will be able to order directly form the Occupy Store.

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