Innumeracy Invades The Dentists Office.

Our McMegan is going to work for Tina Brown’s Perpetual Lady Di Photoessay:

Megan McArdle, the Atlantic’s libertarian economics blogger, is joining Newsweek & The Daily Beast, POLITICO has learned.

McArdle, who is currently on book leave, has blogged about business and economics for the Atlantic since 2007. In August, she will start as special correspondent on economics, business, and public policy at Newsweek/Daily Beast, based out of their Washington, D.C., bureau.

I tend to think that she was hired because she has displayed the common touch so desired by Newsweek’s core audience of people who like large colorful pictures of things. You may recall that Newsweek was sold to Sidney Harman in 2010 for $1 so this should double the value of magazine.



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