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First Alleged Case of GOP Recall Election-Day Dirty Tricks

dirty trickster (photo: reallyboring/flickr)

How desperate are Wisconsin Republican activists? This desperate, apparently:

[State Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee)] said that voters have received calls directing them to vote Wednesday [instead of, of course, today] and telling them petition signatures counted as votes. Taylor told HuffPost she was not sure how widespread the cases are throughout the state, but that she and her staff were continuing to gather more information about the allegations. She noted they have been spreading through social media since Monday.

“It is nonsense,” Taylor said. “It is the desperation. I want the GAB to investigate.”

Staffers at the Wisconsin Education Association confirmed to HuffPost that they have heard similar messages going to voters but they did not know the origin of the messages or how widespread the rumors are. In her letter to the GAB, Taylor said that the calls regarding the petition signatures came from a Madison-area phone number. A call placed to that number came back with a voicemail saying the caller had reached the Wisconsin Republican Party.


The phone number is not the main listed number of the state GOP. The phone is used by the GOP for phone-bank purposes, including recent phone banks for the Tuesday recall.

Wow. Just — wow. But I guess it shouldn’t surprise me — not after this spring in Maine.

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