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A picture is worth a thousand words


These pictures tell you how you have been exploited for the past 10 years, they tell you that the past 3 1/2 years have been Bush III.  These pictures determine how much you pay for food and gas, they even tell why your cotton underwear cost more.

In order to see these pictures you will have to go to THIS WEBSITE.  Those “squiggly” lines on that second link represent charts, click on the Sep ’12, chart link.  At the top of this chart you’ll see “quick chart” click on 25 year.  Now you see the price of corn for 25 years, print this chart.  Draw a broken vertical line from the 2001 date to the top, repeat this on the 2009 date.  Those lines are essential for understanding what happened before and after the Bush Administration.

Today we’ll explore what effect this chart had on our lives.  Each day we will explore a different chart.  This chart represents how much we pay for food.  Almost every time you go to the grocery store you’re buying “corn”; it feeds hogs, cattle, and chickens, their price varies with the price of corn.

“Please”, take a serious look at this chart and realize it is “supposed” to represent “supply and demand”.  There is no “possible” supply and demand scenario that will explain this chart after 2006.  If there is no “normal” explanation for the price of corn going from $3.00 a bushel to $7.50 a bushel in a years time and then falling back to $3.00 in 6 months time, and back up to $8.00; there has to be an “abnormal” explanation.

“Please”, believe me, an explanation for this “irrational” behavior of the commodity markets is urgently important for the multitudes who are going through the worst times I have ever seen in my lifetime.  Almost “all” of these markets bottom in January of 09, that’s totally “abnormal”; but they go right back up to “historical” highs after President Obama takes office. 

When markets behave this “irrationally”, there has to be an equally irrational explanation.  Not only do these markets behave “irrationally”, but they do it in “unison”.  When “inanimate” objects move in a “synchronized” fashion, there has to be a “Master Mover”.  There is no other explanation.

We have a “market manipulators tax” which functions as a means of transferring wealth from the multitudes of Democrats to a very few, very wealthy “politically connected” manipulators who happen to be Republicans.  It will not stop until “The master market manipulator” is prosecuted.

After you have absorbed some of the “ramifications” of the corn chart, we will explore the “gasoline” chart.

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