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Marriage Discrimination Initiative Backer to Gays: “You shall not sacrifice your pig on our altar!”

National Organization for Marriage’s Preserve Marriage Washington and Washington’s Catholic hierarchy, sponsors of Referendum 74, are trying to distract the public from the narrow religious-right worldview that drives their anti-civil marriage equality efforts with talk of families and tradition. They avoiding speaking plainly about their religious belief that gays are an abomination worthy of death, opting instead for politically correct-sounding rhetoric that they hope will not offend mainstream voters.

This is, no doubt, why they’ve attempted to muzzle several of their local collaborators including Stephen Pidgeon, Republican candidate for state attorney general and sponsor of Initiative 1192. If I-1192 qualifies for the ballot, it will ask voters whether they want to again bar same-sex couples from getting a civil marriage licenses by reinstating the discriminatory state law that was repealed by the new civil marriage equality law.

The thing of it is, Mr. Pidgeon and his supporters like Rev. Ken Hutcherson and Republican gubernatorial candidate Shahram Hadian don’t believe in cutting out the God talk. They’re eager to demonstrate how the anti-gay ballot measures are driven by their radical-right religious views. Here, for example, is an excerpt from from Stephen Pidgeon’s June 1st speech at the One Nation Under God Rally held concurrently with the Washington GOP’s annual convention in Tacoma. The part I’ve transcribed starts at about the 5:15 minute mark.

I want to say this to you. I know a lot of you attend churches and your pastors tell you it’s about relationship. But you know what, it’s not just about relationship, it’s about covenant relationship.

And this is what I-1192 is all about, because we stand for marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman [inaudible over applause] and the same kind of covenant we have as a people with our god. It’s the same relationship, it is a covenant relationship.

And that is why when you heard Pastor Dan out here talking about, he said the pastors have to rise in the pulpit. I’ve heard the guys from Grow America talk, and they said that the pulpit has failed. But let me tell you where the failure is.

The failure is, when Jesus said, if you love me, you will keep my commandments. And then he said in Matthew 28, go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to, what? Obey all that I have commanded!

And John says in 1st John 5 that the love of God is keeping the commandments. And when Satan comes back to attack the saints, he attacks those who have the testimony of Jesus and who keep his commandments. You see this?

So we’re not just called to a cheap grace. We’re called to walk in the way. Because it is the way, the truth and the life. And that way is one way and that way is marriage in one fashion.

And here’s what I’d like to say to the homosexual community: it’s not about you getting married. Because only — less than one tenth of one percent worldwide want to get married, did you know that? Less than one tenth of one percent.

It is about desecrating the temple. And I have this to say to them: You shall not sacrifice your pig on our altar!

Stephen Pidgeon and other I-1192 supporters seem determined not to hide their true religious-based anti-gay animus from the public. It remains to be seen whether Preserve Marriage Washington and Washington’s Catholic hierarchy can credibly maintain their secular facades when established local anti-gay leaders and candidates for statewide office keep letting the cat out of the bag.

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer