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Let it Be


Tell me it was the eyes of Diamond that made you do it. They sucked you in man, like a damn tractor beam….damn those Death Stars and their tractor beams (insert Jim Carrey’s tractor beam sound from Dumb & Dumber here) …..

Reaching out through this electronic abyss, I can somehow grasp how our outer workings with technology and all that is around us, is exactly what we are on this inside. Whatever you believe in, or don’t believe in, thoughts and dreams have crafted the walk of the human race, and in the last few years this has become more apparent as our invisible touch isn’t so invisible anymore.

“I’ll be what I am, solitary man…..” rambling on, trying to remain upon this path of love rather than cross over to the hedged fear path. Hard to do when you’ve been raised in a world that is completely dependent upon such blind feelings. I had to start early, questioning, understanding in my own way, and realizing that others were completely able to come to their own conclusions, without my input. Granted my input helped a more rounded approach….rrrrrright, rounded compared to what kind sir?

Bah, we’re on a sphere. We were a sphere when we were conceived. Our cells split into more spheres, within themselves, over and over, until it was time to construct an organ. The heart is the first organ created within the body or is it just a cracklin rose budding within us? The heart is where the universe remains.

I think all the signs on the wall are asking us to look within. Enough playing around, I mean it’s fun to remain in this fear dream of Earth, but I think it’s time we look within, through ourselves, through the very ripples our hearts create, the electric, magnetic, pulsation of life and creation through each other. We are experiencing a shift of consciousness, or so say the ancient ones on the corner….they say we are shifting from brain think to heart think.  That’s what I’m told. I’m also told that McDonald’s fries are from heaven and the trick is to say that you want your fries without salt. This forces them to make a whole new batch, and then you can add your own salt to them later…….but hey, that’s what I’m told. You can try it, or you don’t have to, it’s really that easy.

We all have a choice. I believe that’s what this global fiasco is boiling down to. We have a choice, we will always have a choice to which we believe, we will always have a choice in which organ we feel and think through, yes you can think with your heart, or of course you can use that brain of yours too…….

The idea of responsibility is in your mind. You think there must be something or somebody solely responsible for all that happens. There is a contradiction between a multiple universe and a single cause. Either one or the other must be false. Or both. As I see it, it is all day-dreaming. There is no reality in ideas. The fact is that without you, neither the universe nor its cause could have come into being. – Ashtavakra Gita

Nature is a wonderful being. You are a part of it whether you want to believe it or not. You are a part of the universe, whether you want to believe it or not. You are a part of something that which you have no clue what is going on and why, beyond the beyond, throughout the darkness that spins within the light. Understand that your body is designed for pure heart felt feelings, affecting your health, affecting the vibration you’re putting off into this vibratory universe. Find those things that give your heart the greatest gift of life. Those things that poke it’s walls with excitement and awe.

Ranting about an unsustainable system that is crumbling is not going to give your heart, and your full potential the vibration it is politely asking for. It’s like standing over a dead goat, arguing if its tail wagged two or three times before it fell over. Let nature do its course, stand back in admiration of true beauty within life and death, and always remember to dream.

The rain begins here on the basement windows. The beer has long since lost its chill factor. The half liter has been good to me. I will slumber on in this world in which none of us know. I will walk with all of you, for I believe I have already.

Good night, good day, good morning, to wherever you are, you are but a shining star.

All the love.



I passed out in my bedroom one night, with this song on repeat and the lights on. I awoke 4 hours later, feeling as though John had become a simple part of me…..





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