The Sky “is” Falling

Or will fall.  No worries mate, I hear them new fangled umbrellas of depleted uranium will save us.  Or maybe not.  What do I know.  Don’t ask me man, “I just work here”.

Of course there is always the good old water cannon.  Hey, if the sky is falling, why not take out a few protestors?  Am I right.  Who’s with me?  (Crickets)  Ok, how about the LRAD?  Ya, some may say it’s a battlefield weapon … blah, blah, blah.  But isn’t the entire world now considered a battlefield?  So lock and load, and let’s get the party started.  What says you Chicago PD?  Can I have a side of fries with that 1 million?  But it can cause irreversible hearing damage.  But only a few lose their hearing permanently, so’s all good.  Still no?  Then let’s one-up this ante: the SMU 100.  The name even sounds cool.  Sure, also a “battlefield” “weapon” (please reference previous rationalization on said term, thanks you and have a nice day).  Because when the unarmed protestors are coming for you better be prepared.  Water?  Giving them a shower isn’t the best deterrent.  Acoustic damage that may be irreversible, well they can still see can’t they.  So let’s blind them with the SMU 100.  How’s irreversible blindness as a deterrent?  Oh ya, that’s the spot baby.  Anytime one uses a “laser“, that’s cool.  (Only thing cooler than a “laser” is sharks with laser beams attached to their heads … like drones, but cooler … because, well they have lasers.)  Nothing keeps the protestors away like blinding them with a “laser”.  Because … well they can’t see and nobody is afraid of blind people.  Next up … napalm as a deterrent.  Because if protestors are burned to a cinder, then alls wes gots to do is clean the ash of their remains (ding ding ding, we have a winner).

But I seem to have started with the end.  Why do we need these deterrents?  Well apparently the sky will fall:

“The End Game: 2012 And 2013 Will Usher In The End” – The Scariest Presentation Ever?

Powerpoint presentation slides at the Zerohedge site and also at

Classic story really.  Boy named Raoul Pal.  Boy grows up.  Becomes a man.  Meets Goldman Sachs.  They fall in love.  And then he moves on to bigger and better …

The founder of Global Macro Investor “previously co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund in London for GLG Partners, one of the largest hedge fund groups in the world. Raoul came to GLG from Goldman Sachs where he co-managed the hedge fund sales business in Equities and Equity Derivatives in Europe… Raoul Pal retired from managing client money in 2004 at the age of 36 and now lives on the Valencian coast of Spain

“Classic” story.  So what’s the Sachs alumni have to say about the future?  Well apparently he didn’t get the memo that everything is fine and we should continue on our current course as per the 1% who have done such a bang-up job … for themselves.

  • We don’t know exactly what is to come, but we can all join the very few dots from where we are now, to the collapse of the first major bank…
  • With very limited room for government bailouts, we can very easily join the next dots from the first bank closure to the collapse of the whole European banking system, and then to the bankruptcy of the governments themselves.
  • There are almost no brakes in the system to stop this, and almost no one realises the seriousness of the situation.
  • The problem is not Government debt per se. The real problem is that the $70 trillion in G10 debt is the collateral for $700 trillion in derivatives…
  • Yes, that equates to 1200% of Global GDP and it rests on very, very weak foundations
  • From an EU crisis, we only have to join one dot for a UK crisis of equal magnitude.
  • And then do you think Japan and China would not be next?
  • And then do you think the US would survive unscathed?
  • That is the end of the fractional reserve banking system and of fiat money.
  • It is the big RESET.

The presentation slides do a better job of indicating the cascade effects and how they can easily spread.  Whether it’s Greece, Spain, the UK, or some other country, there is a good chance the “problems” are incapable of being isolated and will cause a systemic problem.  Who here didn’t already know this?  The real problem is of course the $700 trillion in derivatives.  Who here didn’t already know this?  That number is so immense it has no meaning to me.  Certainly no logical meaning.  But let’s see what the crystal ball can tell us about what’s next.

  • Bonds will be stuck at 1% in the US, Germany, UK and Japan (for this phase).
  • The whole bond market will be dead.
  • Short selling on bonds – banned
  • Short selling stocks – banned
  • CDS – banned
  • Short futures – banned
  • Put options – banned
  • All that is left is the Dollar and Gold

Ok in this particular area I admit my complete ignorance as to the why these consequences would have such dire impacts.  However from reading various sources, this is so dire because this would essentially put a complete stop to lending/borrowing PERIOD.  Every and all types of lending/borrowing would come to a complete and concrete halt.  No more credit for anything.  At least that is what I have read.  (Any additions in the comments section would be appreciated on this issue.)  And,

It only gets better. We use the term loosely:

  • We have around 6 months left of trading in Western markets to protect ourselves or make enough money to offset future losses.
  • Spend your time looking at the risks of custody, safekeeping, counterparty etc. Assume that no one and nothing is safe.
  • After that…we put on our tin helmets and hide until the new system emerges

And the punchline

From a timing perspective, I think 2012 and 2013 will usher in the end.

In short, we can all kiss our sweet (and in some cases divinely-chiseled) asses good bye.  However, in these days of delusions and facades, we should question this.  First, will it or won’t it.  But second, and IMHO more importantly, how and when?  Will it really be as bad as predicted in this presentation?  And when will it happen?  On top of that this guy is from Goldman, which is another reason to have reasonable doubts.

IMO, and admittedly complete conjecture on my part, I still think the current system can and will be milked for another 5-10 years by the 1%.  I mean why let their slaves die when they can put us to their uses and to their benefit.  However I do concede that at a certain point they’ll want fresh meat without ideas such as freedom and helping our fellow man.  What better way than to let the world burn, while they are safely tucked away in their private villas with whole mercenary armies for defense.  And then make the world anew, or what’s left of it, in their own image.  So brush of that survival gear, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.



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