So We All Shrine On

As this is the Number One Site On The Internet For Obama Worship – or so I have been told – I thought I would recap the total wisdom gleaned by purse seining the comments in the Barack Obama Shit All Over My Hopes And Dreams And Now I Want Romney To Win So A REAL Progressive Party Can Rise From The Ashes thread.

The number one argument, actually about the only argument, is that Barack Obama is a sleeper agent Republican posing as a Democrat so that he can easily push through his super-secret plan to destroy the social safety net thereby allowing the Democratic members of Congress, who are also apparently Republican sleeper agents, to join in the social carnage and, because they are all “Democrats”,  we will never see it coming.  BUT, if Mitt Romney is president and he wants to do the same things that that traitor Obama wants to do, the Democrats in congress will stop him because he’s not a Democrat and they don’t want him  stealing a march on all the glory.

This sounds perfectly reasonable since Romney is all in on Paul Ryan’s Granny Starving Act of 2011/2012/2013 and Barack Obama is not… but IT COULD HAPPEN!

The only question is why Republicans are putting up such a fight since they will get their way no matter what.

So Romney/Ryan/Christie/Rubio/Generic White Midwestener /John Bolton/Robert Bork 2012. Or Obama/Biden 2012.

Same diff…

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