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commodity market manipulation

“No one realizes how we have really been sold out”.  We have been sold like slaves on the auction block.  I will illustrate how this has been done without a whimper from President Barack Obama.  I’m talking about “commodity market manipulation” of the prices.

While everyone knows about “crude oil” no one seems to realize that almost “all” of the commodity prices have been manipulated over the past 11 1/2 years.  That means that almost everything you buy has a “commodities manipulators tax” attached to it.  This “astronomical” amount of money is extracted from the multitudes, and transferred to the “market manipulators” accounts, just the reverse of “Robinhood”.  The very wealthy market manipulators have been robbing us blind since the first Bush Administration and it has continued through the Obama Administration.

       If you could walk into a bank with an empty suitcase, and walk out with it filled with money, and no one did anything other than to say, “you better cut that out”; you would never quit.  While this is too simplistic of an analogy, the market manipulators get a lot more than you could fit into a suitcase.

      Manipulating the commodity markets is as easy as falling off a log, I’ll give you an example:  Me, you, Moe, Joe and Larry; we get together and decide we’re going to run up the corn market.  On a set date, we began to buy corn contracts; as the price of corn rises (because we’re making it rise by buying contracts) so does the money in our account.  For every 1 cent of increase in the price of corn, $50. is added to each account.  Since me, you, Moe, Joe and Larry are very rich; we buy at least 100 contracts apiece.  100 contracts would give us $5000. for every 1 cent increase in the price of corn.  The price of corn went from 350 in 07 to 750 in 08.  750-350=400X50=$20,000; that’s how much we got for 1 contract.  Multiply that times 100 and we got 2 million apiece for doing nothing and taking absolutely no risk what so ever in 6 months time.  Now we’re going to double the 2 million we just made by selling “short”, that means we’re going to collect our 2 mill, and immediately sell “short” 100 contracts.  Now we get the same amount of money for every 1 cent “decrease” in the price of corn.  Notice how the price of corn went into “free fall”, and bottomed in January of 09; that’s when we collected our money.  Although our profits were instant, they eventually became added to the cost of groceries which the multitudes had to purchase in order to stay alive.

     The biggest problem Democrats have, is that most don’t seem to know how the commodity markets work; that fact will allow the market manipulators to exploit us forever.  For 3 1/2 years I have tried in vain to communicate with the Obama Administration.  During that time the manipulators ran the price of corn higher than it was during the Bush Administration, as if to mock the Obama Administration.  They also ran the price of orange juice, high grade copper, and cotton higher than they were during the Bush Administration.  This was done by “The master market manipulator” to send a signal to all of his “assistant” market manipulators, that although we might have a new President, he was still in charge of commodities.

      We, the multitudes of working class Democrats were exploited more by the “commodity market manipulators” under the Obama Administration than we were under the Bush Administration.  Corn only went to 750 under the Bush Administration, while it went to 800 in 2011 under the Obama Administration.  High grade copper only went to 4.0000 under the Bush Administration, while it went to 4.5000 under the Obama Administration in 2011, and orange juice went past 220.00.  This was all orchestrated by “The master market manipulator”.  Our gasoline was as high and our food was higher under the Obama Administration than it was under the Bush Administration.  Working class Democrats busy with their daily lives, paid the higher prices without knowing why; while the market manipulators laughed all the way to the bank.

       This commodity market manipulation has functioned for 11 1/2 years as a transfer of wealth from the middle and lower middle class to the very wealthy market manipulators.  The effects of this are plainly visible in our neighborhoods.  When people spend so much money for food and gas, they don’t have any left for other things; such as making house payments.  Houses that would have been sold, are now empty and boarded up.   

        Working class Democrats will be exploited forever, if “The master market manipulator”, the person who is orchestrating this commodity market manipulation, is not prosecuted.

You must find a chart service on your PC in order to confirm what I’m saying.  Go to the “corn” chart and click on the 25 year chart.  Corn went to $7.50 in 2008 under Bush before it fell to the “pre manipulated” price of $3.50 in January of 2009.  That date is highly significant, that’s when they left office.

Corn feed, cattle, hogs, and chickens.  The price of food varies with the price of corn.  Every time you go to the grocery store, you’re buying “corn”; it’s all food.

I know for certain there is a “master market manipulator”.  Although I’m aware of  more facts than I can share with you, I’ll give you what’s in the public domain.  In order to verify what I have to say, you will have to find a chart service on your PC, and click on the 25 year chart; they’re free.

Draw a vertical line at the date 2001.  Now draw another vertical line at the date 2009.  These two line represent when the Bush administration began and ended.  Gasoline, and crude are related markets, I’m looking at a gasoline chart.  It went to $3.50 in 08 and dropped to $1.00. in January of 09; there’s that date again.

Next go to high grade copper.  This market is “unrelated” to gas, food or crude; therefore no “synchronicity” should exist. Copper barely went over 1.5000 in it’s lifetime before the Bush administration.  Draw your two vertical lines, one at 2001 and the other at 2009.  Copper went to 4.0000 in 2008, and then had a precarious drop just before the Bush left office.  It bottomed at 1.5000 in January of 09; there’s that date again.  Commodities bottoming in January of 09 is repeated over and over.  This “synchronicity” of “unrelated markets” has never occurred before in history.  That tells me there is a “Master Market Manipulator” involved.  He tells his assistant manipulators what to buy or sell, and when to buy or sell it.

The price of their profits is reflected in almost everything you buy.  These criminals; beside being extremely wealthy are politically connected, and some have even held high office.  Part of their “astronomical” profits are politically recycled, that’s why so many politicians are like those three monkeys who could see, hear, nor speak any evil.

If “The Master Market Manipulator” is not prosecuted before the election, we will be exploited forever.

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