Ye Olde Breitbarte Halfe-Man Photoshoppe Jousting Faire Thinge

You’ve seen THE PICTURE:

….now put your mad photoshop skillz to the test and provide us (me) with a new graphic for all Breitbart Is Still Really Really Dead-Ass Dead posts henceforth and forthwith for the fortnight plus infinity.

Just email your pièce de breitbarte résistance to tbogg at mac.com by Wednesday and I’ll pick the best three and post them with READER PARTICIPATION helping to choose the favorite. Winner gets… something ooooo! a Gringo Bandidito POQUITO GRANDE’ GIFT BASKET because ‘poquito grande’ means little/big just like Andrew Breitbart’s tragically foreshortened right arm which probably got him one of those plaques from the DMV that let him park in the special blue parking spaces which are a lot closer to the stores, not that it saved him from having a heart attack, so, really, kind of a waste when you actually think about it…

Oh. Anyway:

Tell your friends! Confound your enemies! Earn valuable Making Fun Of Dead People points redeemable for perdition and/or scorn from Breitbart’s dumb employees! Fun!

Enter soon. One entry per person. US only (suck it foreigners – I’m not paying shipping to your third world hell hole that will probably be drone-destroyed by next weekend anyway) Void where prohibited. Leave your hammers at the box. #war #getsome

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