In ‘conversing’ with WendyD I came across a song I’d forgotten about and it got me thinking about how many others that have been pushed into the spaces between the synapses associated with memory.

Of course such recollection was helped by how youtube categorizes songs even though sometimes it takes a bit of searching to find what one is exactly looking for.

So here are some recordings I hope all will enjoy. There are some I’ll bet some have never heard but will be memories for others. And some of the recordings are in this diary just because I liked them or thought a remembrance of the artist was a ‘good thing’.

Nat King Cole & Harry Belafonte Mama Look A Boo Boo NBCTV ’57Z ; those who have been a father will probably relate to this one; the quote of the PTA is most interesting.

Belafonte is truly a ‘good guy’ and this recording shows the path to reggae

And his influence is shown in this version by Jimmy Soul where Las Vegas is substituted for Venezuela.

Jimmy Soul was so affected by ‘Matilda’ he performed this song:

A remembrance of a great artist:
Miriam Makeba performs the “Click Song”

Tripping down memory lane I realized how much I enjoyed songs where the electronics were negligible or not essential to the song…. AND were truly dance-able.

First some strictly instrumental.

The last instrumental to hit number one on the charts in the 1950s was “Sleepwalk” and earned Santo & Johnny a gold record. Note the Console steel guitar which evolved into the pedal steel guitar.

And here is Les Paul’s version which is really a good video as it shows his finger work.


And ‘hops’ no longer exist; how raves evolved from hops I’ll never know.

There has got to be literally tens -if not at least a hundred- millions who never experienced the screen shown -or it’s regional equivalent- on this video.

If the next two videos don’t get your feet moving, you’re dead.

And an ode to a place where Springsteen hung out:

And just because I like it and it’s fun:



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