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Too Dumb To Vote

Attention, “The Youth”: Jonah Goldberg not only thinks you’re all idiots, but he thinks you’re so stupid you shouldn’t even be allowed to vote:

Personally, I think the voting age should be much higher, not lower.  I think it was a mistake to lower it to 18, to be brutally honest.


It is a simple fact of science, that nothing correlates more with ignorance and stupidity than youth.

Setting aside the minor detail that Jonah is one of the last people on Earth whose word I would take on “simple facts of science” (or any other kind of facts, for that matter), I was not aware that intelligence was supposed to be a requirement for voter eligibility.  After all, if you don’t need a brain to be a conservative pundit, why should you need one to vote?

But hey, if you want to single out demographics with high concentrations of wildly misinformed people to disenfranchise, why not start with, say, Fox News viewers?  Or people who don’t believe in evolution?  Or people who think homosexuality is some kind of lifestyle choice or curable mental disorder?  Or, I don’t know, how about people who think “liberal” and “fascist” are synonyms?

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