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The Troll Wars 6.5

Actually, reading through that Popehat dude’s thread last night, I saw several examples of people,mostly conservative but some left of center too, making pretty much the same point as I did, only better.

Walker/Worthing is in jail because, and this is according to The Blaze, he took Kimberlin’s iPad and played “keepaway” with it. I don’t know if this is true or not, but if it is, then he deserves to be in jail and his incarceration has nothing to do with today’s proceedings. This has nothing to do with “lawfare” or an activist judge or being a conservative or a liberal. It has to do with being immature and ridiculous in public.

There’s no defending Walker/Worthing if he did, in fact, take the man’s property from him in a courthouse and held it at bay. If this proves to be true, then I would expect a number of conservative bloggers are going to have to hold their nose and figure out what to do next.

Why would you get behind a guy like that? Is this the tribal instinct, writ large?

There’s no beating an amoral and remorseless person when you, yourself, can’t keep your hands to yourself in a courthouse.

–Warren Jason Street

“A mild answer turns back wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

From what I’ve read, Kimberlin is a real piece of work – but the mistake made by those who have now run afoul of his methods was to engage him on his level. Kimberlin appears to make his way by making people miserable – those who wanted to expose what he was doing went about it in just that manner. Not smart.

I understand – yes, he was convicted of bombings and is suspected of murder. Horrible, lousy things to have done – but it was also a long time ago and he paid the price required of him by our judicial system (you can argue that the punishment wasn’t enough and that is fine…and also pointless; what is done is done). Clearly, Kimberlin fears word getting out about his past – and rightly so; his ability to pull in money from liberal suckers could be at risk (and only “could be”; some liberal pinheads would probably view him as some sort of hero for what he was convicted of). But what is at issue is not what Kimberlin did a long time ago but what he is doing today – which is using a “non-profit” in order to engage in overtly political activities. Kimberlin is just the worst example we can likely find of the real scandal: the left has set up a tax and regulatory system which allows them to fight their political causes largely on the taxpayer’s dime.

Think about it – what is a public sector union except a taxpayer subsidized arm of the Democratic party? What are all those foundations and sundry NGO’s but more of the same? When we on the right think “charity” we think of people who provide food, medicine and housing to poor people. The left, though, has taken that word “charity” and changed it in to “well paid, taxpayer subsidized jobs for advancing the overall cause of the left”. What we who care about liberty should be doing is not exposing each individual creep involved but the fact that the taxpayers are paying for individuals and groups to work against the best interests of the taxpayers.

But, it wasn’t done that way – people wanted Kimberlin exposed, as if exposing him would do anything. Suppose we drive Kimberlin out of business – heck, suppose we could even get him prosecuted and flung back in to jail. What would change? Sure, one less nasty person doing the deed day in and day out…but tens of thousands of others still doing the same thing. By engaging Kimberlin like that – raking over his past and putting him in a mind to ruthlessly defend himself – all we did was get down in to the gutter with him, expend a great deal of time and effort which we should be spending advancing our cause and, ultimately, staying away from the real issue: the taxpayer subsidies of the left.

Never, ever, ever give in to the evil of the left – but that means, also, not copying them. Think of it like this: if something happened more than 10 years ago and the subject in question paid a legal price for what he did, then leave it alone. And anything from 1 to 10 years ago – consider it carefully; really think it over: is bringing it up really illustrating what is wrong and how it can be fixed or is it just an attack on individuals? If you aren’t 100% certain that it actually helps the cause (defeating the left) then don’t do it.

–Mark Noonan

Most liberals have no idea who Brett Kimberlin or Aaron Walker are. They couldn’t care less if the two of them carry out a private feud. But most do care about the First Amendment.

Those of you who say you support Aaron, stop making this about liberals vs. conservatives. It’s about a sociopath and the people he’s learned to manipulate vs. society. You’re only hurting him by limiting his possible base of support. It makes no more sense to blame all liberals for Brett Kimberlin than it would to blame all white people.

–Alpha Centauri

I’m all about forgiveness – have to be; its a Christian thing. If I don’t, I won’t be. So, no matter what a person does – even if they are not remorseful about it – I have to forgive. Given this and given the fact that we can’t reach in to the past and ensure that Kimberlin pays what any of us might view as the proper price for his actions, I can only leave it alone…especially since if we are to engage him on that level we’re just going to wind up playing his game.

To me, Kimberlin is a symptom, not a disease. The disease is our rotten system which, to boil it down, is set up to reward only those who are most closely connected to the sources of money and power in the United States. Kimberlin has taken advantage of this – he’s playing by the lousy, disgusting rules we have set up (true, it is really a matter of “we allowed them to be set up” rather than “we set them up”; but it makes no matter – people get the government they deserve and our laziness and cowardice has ensured we’d get this hideous system). If we want to stop Kimberlin then our task is to change the system so that it is more likely that dishonorable people cannot get ahead – and that honorable people will reap their proper reward.

–Mark Noonan

The Soap Opera needs to end when you enter court and if you are a lawyer involved in melodrama and courtroom antics, well, its pretty hard to defend Worthing’s behaviour. No, its indefensible, except on the most base emotional level, but justice isn’t supposed to be about the base emotions.

That’s what fascism is supposed to be about.

I recall reading in his epic masterpiece of the January courtroom confrontation that Worthing then also came off as rather boorish in front of the Judge, but he got away with it that time, at least until he made the mistake of exiting too closely behind BK on his way out the door and played keepaway with his iPad. Was Kimberlin’s reaction appropriate? No, but it was predictable. Was a lawyer getting close enough to his adversary to have any kind of confrontation at all, and then swiping his iPad and playing keep away with it an act of intelligence?

Didn’t Worthing learn anything from the Zimmerman-Martin case? It sorta kinda looks like he and the vengeful legions of the rightwing blogger herd are itching just a bit too much for a battle with BK, ala Zimmerman vis a vis Martin.

Just sayin. I can even see an eventual backlash against the online “crowdsourcing” now building against BK, which it appears yesterday’s judge (if unofficial reports are accurate) picked up on and made a stand against. Maybe he did the wrong thing. Judges are human too.

The whole “blog about BK day” over the topness has more than a whiff of mob hysteria about it, and the courts are designed (thank God) to afford some protection to defend the rights of even the most imperfect individuals against mobs of the “regular” people. Its what our system is supposed to be all about, in fact.

When the court possesses imperfect information (and how could they not in this case?) about background and history, the natural inclination would seem to be to defend the little guy against the crowd.

All the crimes in the present tense, we must always remember, are still only alleged. The police havent accused BK of any crime related to Socrates’ case, Worthing’s case or Weinergate: not perjury, not fraud, not swatting, not nothing.

Maybe the court doesnt get what’s going on in the prison yard of the infoboobtubes, but maybe, just maybe, we, the infoboobs, are the ones who TRULY aren’t getting it.

Where are the crimes?

The court is basically asking the same question and siding, imperfectly perhaps, with a lone individual against the overheated mob mentality, at least until the indictments start showing up.

And honestly? That’s a comforting thought to an anti-social loner with a boner, who has always found himself going against the grain of the “regular” people.

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