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Poisoning Young Minds of Tomorrow: Toddler Sings ‘Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make it to Heaven’

This is sad and sick. A tiny tot stands up at the mic at church and sings a little ditty about the bible and how homos aren’t going to heaven.

Note that the congregation jumps up and cheers at the bigotry spewed from the innocent little angel’s lips.

“The Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong. The Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong. Romans one, twenty six and twenty seven; Ain’t no homos gonna make it to Heaven.”

Steve Williams at Care2 nails it:

Given that LGBT people are so often maligned by the accusation that they are out to recruit children, this video is especially abhorrent. Other commentators have labelled this a form of child abuse. Indeed, the child, who appears to be about four or five, will have no idea of the meaning behind the clobber passages he is referencing. As such, he has been trotted out to perform like a parrot, stripping him of all dignity. That he has so obviously been taught this song by some opportunistic adults, who will almost certainly profess to be Christian, is twice as damning of them and this particular, ugly brand of so-called Christianity that seems to celebrate its labelling of others as sinners and rejoices in the notion of them receiving eternal damnation.

This comes after a number of scandals, one involving an evangelical pastor advocating what amounts to child abuse to stop kids being gay and another pastor saying gay and lesbian people should be put in internment camps.


Speaking of the Pastor Charles Worley, the fool referred to above who wanted to put gays and lesbians in a pen with an electrified fence, he’s attained faux celebrity status — someone has set up a phony Twitter account for the good Rev (@CharlesWorleyNC) and launched a series of hilarious Tweets yesterday. Samples below the fold:

Ah, the blogmistress’s lot in life — “Rev. Worley” decided to shower some love on me as well, giving me grief for my eternal love for the rock band Journey.

Of course it pleases me to no end that Journey love is SO GAY, pastor; I really thought that was reserved for disco or house music, but maybe Rev. Worley doesn’t get out much. Probably not a lot of homo clubbing going on near Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, NC. My guess is that Worley is probably more of the interstate rest stop kind of guy.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding