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TX-SEN GOP Primary Liveblogging

Photo credit: thrasher8105

Photo credit: thrasher8105

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the latest round of Hard Right vs. Crazy Right!  This time it’s in Texas, with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (Establishment Party) vying with former Solicitor General Ted Cruz (Tea Party) for Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s old seat, with “well to the right of” KBH as the best-case scenario.  Dewhurst appears to be the favorite, but former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert is in the mix and could get enough votes to force a runoff, which would favor the guy with the more fanatical supporters.

Salon offers a taste of Cruz views:

In March, he posted a message on his campaign website railing against a “grand scheme” by left-wing billionaire George Soros to use the United Nations to outlaw golf courses and paved roads….

As a conservative legal activist, Cruz advocated a method to use the 10th Amendment to exempt states from federal law that has its roots in the pre-Civil War nullification movement. He also co-authored a policy paper advocating an unusual reading of the Constitution that would declare unconstitutional Medicaid and many federal education programs.

Awesome.  And since this is Texas we’re talking about, if Cruz wins the primary outright or in a runoff, he’ll almost certainly be a Senator.

Dewhurst: 47.9%
Cruz: 30.1%
Leppert: 13.8%

With 72% of precincts reporting

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