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Marinaleda: Drop Capitalism, Live Well, Be Recession-Proof

Portrait of Che Guevera on a building in Marinaleda.

Portrait of Che Guevera on a building in Marinaleda - Photo Audiovisuales Acampadazgz.

Thanks to Rick Wolff for tipping me off to this Der Spiegel piece with the following subhed:

Ganz Spanien leidet unter der Wirtschaftskrise. Ganz Spanien? Im andalusischen Dörfchen Marinaleda regiert Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, seine Bürger haben Arbeit, Häuser, grüne Gärten. Wie schafft der Kommunist das nur?

Which may be freely translated into English as follows:

All of Spain suffers under the economic crisis. All of Spain? In the tiny Andalusian town of Marinaleda wherein rules Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo as mayor, his citizens have work, houses, green gardens. How did this Communist dude pull off such a neat trick?

Interestingly, this article — which as Rick Wolff states is very revealing of how Marxist-run Marinaleda thrives where the capitalist-controlled rest of Spain flounders under the harsh rule of the austerity jackals — is one that Der Spiegel chose not to translate into English. Hmmmm.

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