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Superstition driven nuts are at it again, making death threats to cancel a Gaga concert in Indonesia.

Lady GAGA, GMA Concert

(Photo: TJ Sengel/flickr)


Religion is the enemy and our superstitious enemies have more in common than not in terms of their bloodthirsty attacks on humanism, cultural modernism and above all their attacks on women and GLBT folks. They are equally our enemy. There can be no disputing that.

We have to fight for our rights and often for our lives against all comers and in North America and Europe that means christers, evangelicals, catholics and mormons and growing numbers of Russian evangelicals on the West Coast, whose traditions, like those of catholics are laced with programs and mass murder. For us christers are the main enemy. They provided the superstitious excuses for slavery and for the mass murder of native Americans. With few exceptions they’re traditionally been anti-worker and antiunion. Their superstitious excuses about women’s subservience and their anti-abortion campaigns are responsible for the deaths of countless numbers of women. They enslave children and one cult, the roman catholic cult, is no more and no less than an international conspiracy of child rapists and their accomplices. The incessant din of anti-LGBT clerical bigotry, repeated and amplified by bigot pandering politicians of both parties, is the direct, sole and immediate cause of hundreds of beatings, and scores of murders and suicides, especially among GLBT youth.

Religion is the enemy, but beyond that truism, though, there is one question that divides the three main abrahamist cults – christer, islamist and judaist – and that’s the zionists’ ethnic cleansing campaigns against Palestinians and US/Canadian/NATO attacks on Arab and muslim governments and independence movements from Morocco to Indonesia. (I man muslim states in the cultural and historical, not the religious sense.)

On that question decent folks will have to support the political goals of the Arab and muslim nationalists in their defensive war against US/Canadian/NATO colonialist depredations.

The world will be a much safer place when NATO is dissolved and disarmed and when the US passes a Constitutional Amendment declaring that promoting foreign wars of aggression to aid the .01% is treason, brings all the troops home, demobilizes them and decommissions all nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons. The Middle East/ South Asia will be a much safer place when the zionist bunkerstadt is brought to its knees.

People who say that the islamist cults are worse than the christer and judaic cults are not only delusional, they’re one very tiny step away from being a racist, an Islamophobe.

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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue