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Opting for a better Memorial Day


Opting for a better Memorial Day

Another Shade of History is pulling us under!

By now, it’s come full circle that Florida is “cleaning up” it voter rolls again, as was done in the Bush Era, the election of 2000, and thusly, 12 years later, Florida fails to exercise any modicum of Self-Restraint.

Consequently, Florida is purging its legal voters in just one county as part and parcel for jettisoning their “non-citizens” from participating in the 2012 election. And needless to say, the “direction” is being provided by its Republican Governor, as it was accomplished in 2000 and done under the direction of former Governor Jeb Bush, and brother to George W. Bush and whom, ultimately, became the president, and leading to a razor-thin edge margin.

Hundreds of legal voters in just one Florida county have been thrown off the voter rolls as part of an effort to purge “non-citizens” from participating in the 2012 election. The effort, spearheaded by Governor Rick Scott, is reminiscent of the effort in 2000 to purge the voter rolls in Florida, led by then-Governor Jeb Bush, brother of the man who would become President that year thanks to a razor-thin margin in the state.

And thankfully, Think Progress, a democratic-oriented outfit, provides the following data relative to Dade County:
• 1638 people in Miami-Dade County were flagged by the state as “non-citizens” and sent letters informing them that they were ineligible to vote.

• Of that group, 359 people have subsquently [sic] provided the county with proof of citizenship.

• Another 26 people were identified as U.S. citizens directly by the county.

• The bulk of the remaining 1200 people have simply not responded yet to a letter sent to them by the Supervisor of Elections.
And when looking at Broward County, and given that both Dade County and Broward County, are primarily Democratic strongholds, the Elections Officials have been poring through the data that corresponds with Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles data, and therefore arriving at their “point of justification” for rendering the letters being sent and where the recipients have no more than 30 days to defend and defeat the state’s claim and reinforcing the state’s authority for this removal of the recipients from the voter rolls.
Needless to say, a local news media outlet did an substantive analysis of the list of ineligible voters and found that the majority of them were Hispanic, registered as Democrats, or were deemed “independent-minded.”
Since 13% of registered voters are Hispanics of the 11.3 million active registered voters, and as many as 182,000 names are on this purge list, Florida’s then Secretary of State resigned in February of this year. As such, the “politics” of purging voters has become rampant among the Republican elite. And by way of background, the NAACP sued Florida after the elections in 2000, and a “settlement” was reached, given that the nearly half of the 94,000 names purged, were African Americans.
And since Section 8 of the Voting Rights Act requires that all voter rolls “clean up” must occur before and completed 90 days before the next election, Florida’s next election date is August 14, 2012, and Florida, has failed to comply with federal law.
And thankfully, the Fair Elections Legal Network and filed it’s challenge to Florida’s behavior and their press release says the following:
“Cleaning up voter rolls should be done with the utmost care and by following the law,” said Ben Hovland, Senior Counsel for the Fair Elections Legal Network. “There are already laws on the books that adequately address any attempt to register or vote illegally. However, this program places the burden of proof on voters. Eligible citizens who do not respond may be purged from the voter rolls and risk losing his or her vote. Florida should stop this effort immediately and restore the voting rights of anyone that has been affected by this faulty matching program.”
Regardless, the “impact” from this purge of the voting rolls, demonstrates that History, will repeat itself in this presidential cycle, as well as in the multiple Congressional and State legislative races, despite Florida being perceived as a “swing state.” But equally important is the view held by the many and which is:
“This is a hidden key to conservative success in the years ahead, as multiple states they currently control have instituted alleged anti-fraud laws that amount to voter suppression, particularly of minority communities and high-propensity Democratic voters.” [David Dayen–May 28, 2012]
Subsequently, it will be up to the federal government’s Department of Justice to “jump” into this political fracas, and challenge Florida under both section’s five and eight to the Voting Rights Act. Otherwise, other states will apply their “gamesmanship” and of a historic repute, and while being detrimental to our opportunity to vote for our preferred candidates for Elective Office. Furthermore, only two Hispanics for a statewide office have ever been elected, the former Governors of Arizona and New Mexico.  And if the DOJ does not “jump in” then, we, must recognize that our federal and state governments “prefer” that we remain second class citizens.
On this Memorial Day, let us pay homage to our Fallen Comrades, by understanding that our Brothers and Sisters of Shared Experiences did not give their lives in order for white America to continue to “project” their Hate onto the rest of us.

And our Tip of the Hat to David Dayen from the political blog,, for bringing this ‘item’ to our attention.

Note:  Originally posted on the web site for the Chicano Veterans Organization.

Jaango–posted on May 28, 2012

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