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Why I decided to support and endorse Rocky Anderson over Jill Stein

Ralph Nader unequivocably endorsed Rocky Anderson for President in spite of all the denying and naying of the Green Partiers. (See

In his interview on April 17th with Brian Montpoli, CBS News political reporter, Nader said Rocky Anderson was a “very, very progressive candidate” whose record and experience as a mayor, Constitutional attorney and civil rights lawyer bore witness to such.  He then itemized the progressive positions of Rocky Anderson during the interview.

I am now supporting Rocky Anderson. I was undecided at first, uncertain if I should support Jill Stein over Rocky. However, Rocky Anderson’s website, in contrast to that of Jill Stein, allows everyone to post comments. It’s very democratic. Jill Stein’s website is indistinguishable from that of Obama’s and Romney’s in that one is not allowed to comment. How undemocratic not to have a voice in an election.

Also when I requested to interview Jill Stein, I failed to get a reply to my many emails except for the programmed, scripted, automated requests for contributions. How sickening. Finally after calling her media coordinator, she informed me that Jill was too busy to stoop to an interview by me:  even a 5 minute chat.

On the other hand, Rocky Anderson personally called me back, and not only did I speak to him for over 30 minutes, but he agreed to be interviewed on my livestream internet program on Tuesday, May 29, 4 PM ET.  You can watch and listen to it, and chat in your questions or call in and talk to Rock.  You can access the program at

That to me is Democracy. I had a voice, and a candidate listened and talked to me. Rocky Anderson made himself accessible to me, the average Joe.  Wow.  When was the last time you had access to a Presidential candidate without giving a million bucks?

That’s why I am supporting and voting for Rocky Anderson. Rocky Anderson makes himself and his organization and website accessible to the people, and not only to donors and not merely for the purposes of just raising contributions.  He is not an elitist only accessible to the big money people, like all the other candidates!  Try contacting Obama…Ha!  All I get are requests, “Donate $3 dollars and win a chance to go to a dinner where Obama eats.”  How demeaning for a Presidential election:  a lotto campaign gimmick.  What next?  Have a picture taken with the Prez for $50,000?

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