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See and speak to Rocky Anderson, a progressive Presidential Candidate, on May 29th, 4:00 PM ET

Rocky Anderson will be interviewed on The Barefoot Accountant’s Livestream Internet Program on Accounting, Taxes, and U.S. Politics on Tuesday, May 29th, at 4:00 PM eastern time.

All are invited to submit comments and questions via chat and by calling in on the telephone line listed on the website.

After serving eight years as a Democratic Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, Rocky Anderson became disenchanted with the betrayal of the Democratic Party to its base and left it in 2011  to form the Justice Party in order to run for President and challenge President Obama and his chameleon-like Republican positions.

Although many progressives argue that they need to vote for the lesser of two evils by voting for Obama in 2012, Rocky feels that such voting endlessly fosters the Democratic Party’s hokey-pokey dance  of following ad infinitum the Republican Party’s leap frog jumps to the right, as long as it remains just slightly to the GOP’s left.  The result of this ongoing birds of prey dance of over twenty years is that the Democratic Party now is positioned to the right of the policies of the Republican Party of 1996.  It’s a win-win for the DNC; but a lose-lose for progressives.

Rocky Anderson believes that if Egypt can overthrow a dictatorship through political activism, the working classes of America can change Corporate America’s control of Washington through a grass roots movement.  According to Rocky, unlike Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the American people do not require billions of dollars to organize and bring about a movement of reform; internet technology with virtually unlimited access to community, social, and political websites, would permit a tidal wave of political activism sufficient to topple the Babel Towers of Washington.

Please join Rocky Anderson and the Barefoot Accountant on Tuesday, May 29th, at 4:00 PM ET.  Don’t lose hope; and don’t vote for the lesser of two evils.  Evil is still evil, if only less so.

Join our ever-growing movement to change our plutocracy, our dictatorship, our corporate, our feudal state.  All it takes is your voice and your continued involvement.

The Barefoot Accountant

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