Bad Things

What a weird-ass week.

Just a few dangling things before we get on with our Memorial Day Weekend which is when Americans join together and celebrate barbequing and the impending arrival of summer … with a cursory acknowledgement of our fighting men and women because U-S-A.

Nonetheless, this was the week of people acting badly:

  • Whoever “swatted” Patterico is an asshole and deserves to be in prison. I’ve had my own issues with Patterico, as well as Aaron Worthing, over the years, but nobody deserves the shitstorm they’ve been through. Having said that, if rightwing bloggers put as much time and coordinated effort into ‘vetting’ Barack Obama that they have in rehashing the same odd Kimberlin stories, we’d probably know if Obama was truly the murderous socialist Kenyan muslim Breitbart-killing Tonton Macoute terrorist that they keep telling us he is. Also, too: Robert Stacy McCain’s story reeks of grift. McCain has spent the last few months moaning about how he’s not making any money and how he’s going to quit blogging and nobody likes him – everybody hates him, he’s gonna eat some worms and now: mysteriously vague threats … GIMME MONEY! I call bullshit.
  • The Hustler Penis-in-S.E. Cupp’s-Mouth photoshop was asinine and demeaning and stupid. If the guys at Hustler thought they were helping (doubtful), they’re wrong and only elevated her from d-list pundit to c-list pundit. Cupp has an extensive  history of stupid shit coming out of her mouth so there is no need to photoshop something stupid going into her mouth. And if you want to make fun of Cupp… this picture, that blouse. Puffy capped sleeves? Really? Not even if you’re fourteen. Stay away from the Forever 21 sales rack, S. E.
  • The idiots at Breitbart. Sigh. The thing that you have to remember about the guys running Breitbart is that they have all failed at their previous endeavors and just happened to be employed there when Britbart decided to take a permanent siesta on a Brentwood sidewalk. It’s like the island of misfit stupid toys. Without Andrew making television appearances to flog the Breitbart brand, they’re reduced to moronic sub-World Net Daily click-bait in order to keep the site alive and themselves employed in their phony-baloney jobs. Nothing is more indicative of that strain than the increasingly shrill posts by John Nolte, who doesn’t have a barely-used, most likely wasted Harvard law degree or a small market radio show to fall back on. It’s gotten so bad, I don’t even feel the need to point out the latest paste-eating stupidity because it’s the same paste, only in a  different flavor.
  • Lastly, via wonkette … this is why we make fun of Flyover Jesus America

Please tell me Stacy Pritchard is not being allowed to breed. Electrified fences!

Lastly, lastly… I have retired Random 10/Shakira blogging for the near future because it was getting kind of tired. I’m just giving her ass a rest. Sorry.

You’ll get over it. I promise.

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