German police - serve and protect


The main “anti-capitalist” Blockupy organizers and Polizei management made arrangements to support nonviolent direct action.

Politics is less important to Germans than the core values of civil conduct. They are raised to understand the thinking of people such as Dieter Bonhoeffer, along with many others. They know what Gandhi had to say. NDA is a big deal.

These bareheaded police walked at the front of the Blockupy march — supporting NDA but not supporting or opposing the positions that the protestors advanced. This is correct behavior.

Same time, this Polizei action shames NYPD, Oakland, Chicago, and Boston. These people in Frankfurt are civilized. They are on the same level with the Washington, D.C. and New York U.S. Park Police operations.

The one best organized hope for improvement across America is the Police Executive Research Forum in Washington, D.C. These guys do professional work to support police chiefs and they are fully aware of what U.S. Park Service is doing to make Free Speech the top priority.

Here is New York PD. Apparently it is useful for NYPD to recruit and retain men who hate women. What you are seeing here qualifies as torture. The girl screamed as though she had been stabbed. Of course, no criminal action against the policeman.

In America we of Occupy are up against barbarians.

Cop groping torturing woman Occupy-Wall-Street