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There Are LGBT People Who Know The Scriptures Too

Peterson Toscano and I often go back and forth ralking about scripture and Christianity on Twitter. He and I are really both Biblical scriture geeks, and can both quote obsure Bible stories and obscure Bible scriptures.

Maybe it’s because we’ve both experienced reparative therapy earlier in our lives by therapists and/or Christian therapists who consider lesbian gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) experiences to be sinful. Peterson’s experience with reparative therapy though was much more intense than my experience was.

That said, Peterson is an ex ex-gay person; I’m an ex ex-trans person.

Peterson has just posted a new video on YouTube entitled Revealed: The Bible & the Lesbians & the Camel.

The video is about Romans Chapter One, a passage of scripture that folks use to bash the snot out of gays and lesbians. Using comedy, Peterson reveals that its not appropriate to pick out oppression of lesbians and gays from this passage. He also raises the question of Biblical authority itself.

If you know anything about antigay biblical scripture quoting, or are interested in a gay Christian’s take on antigay biblical scripture quoting, you might like this video. I think it’s worth the watch.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen