If recent days’ performance by his defenders are any guide, Barack Obama will be defeated in November and a finance industry a-hole elected President. Latest example, the President’s guys find a great ‘us versus them’ way to attack predatory Bain Capital, but sold-out Democrats (nice one, DSWright) like Cory Booker fall all over themselves to outright defend Romney’s Bain or to ‘attack’ Romney with rank incompetence. Bob Somerby at Daily Howler yesterday brilliantly exposed an instance of the haplessness on the Al Sharpton MSNBC PoliticsNation show. Instead of aiming their rhetoric at as good as stolen pension funds, Obama’s incompetent defenders instead talked and talked about how many jobs (they immediately concede it’s a positive number) Bain has created. Like I said in a comment there:

Looting company pension funds, delivering that stolen cash as obscene profits to YOURSELF and your investors, and then the pension fund has to be bailed out by federal taxpayers? That’s what Romney/Bain did and it’s a great issue to hammer him with (especially with voters still angry about having bailed out the banks). As Bob said, ‘job gain’ all depends on how you do the counting and it’s apparent that Romney can fairly argue that the overall number is a big net gain.

Somerby, citing and quoting a January 6 special report in Reuters, recites the facts that would sink Romney in a sane, competent democracy with a popular, democratic media:

According to Reuters, Bain was taking large profits and fees from GST even as the company limped toward its eventual death. Most strikingly, Bain was looting GST’s pension fund, according to the Reuters report.

“The U.S. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp…determined in 2002 that GS [Bain] had underfunded its pension by $44 million,” Reuters reported, four months ago. Reuters noted that the PBGC, a federal entity, had to bail out the underfunded pensions, though workers still lost large chunks of their pensions due to Romney’s looting.

In short, Romney looted a pension fund and left the carcass on the taxpayers’ doorstep. How can the Presidents’ mainstream defenders flub _that_? Well, they can, so learn from it. (I don’t know, maybe something’s wrong with the ‘free’ capitalist media, whose best friends and/or owners are financiers and scavenger capitalists.)

Of course, Somerby has to go to Sharpton’s Trayvon Martin racial paranoia campaign, which also alienates masses of on-the-fence voters:

Let’s be fair! For the bulk of the past two months, Sharpton has been running a journalistic scam, spreading reams of disinformation about the killing of Trayvon Martin. Perhaps he was so busy making shit up that he hasn’t had time to arrange his thoughts concerning Romney and Bain.

Voters are abandoning in droves the mainstream Sharpton ‘Zimmerman is a racist monster’ narrative, now that we know the extent of his injuries and have a grasp on the critical eyewitness accounts. The best place for those basics is as always talkleft.com:

The discovery in the George Zimmerman case has been released. It’s abundantly clear why Zimmerman was not arrested the night Trayvon Martin was shot. There was no evidence he committed a crime.

There are now plenty of photos like this one showing Zimmerman’s injuries to his nose and scalp. Police reports refer to Zimmerman’s voice being heard crying out for help multiple times in one of the 911 calls. The only eyewitness who could make an identification as the struggle was ongoing and before the shot (who appears to be John) told police at the scene that the man in the red jacket was on the bottom, crying for help, and the guy on top of him was repeatedly hitting him.

So why did one officer request [Zimmerman be taken into custody]? It had nothing to do with evidence of a crime. It was because the officer said had Zimmerman stayed in his car, nothing would have happened. [But g]etting out of one’s car is not a crime. [Ne]ither is following someone in public. Using a “but for” analysis, why didn’t the officer conclude that had Trayvon not smacked Zimmerman, he would still be alive? That appears to be a far more immediate cause of the shooting than Zimmerman’s getting out of his car.

This won’t end pretty, Sharpton’s causes never do. And this offensive travesty, thoroughly tied to Obama and the Democratic Party, will be re-publicized in the summer when the mainstream television will be wall-to-wall with the Zimmerman-Trayvon trial it wishes were a show trial and Obama-Romney advertising paid for by our financial masters.